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Does it have base building?

No. See the roadmap

The ability to construct bases is planned for a future post-release update of the game. It wasn’t planned to be in the initial release.

Once implemented, fireteams and squads, will have the ability to buy components to build their own bases and outposts using building prefabs. These are called Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and can range from simple to elaborate structures with defense systems and similar structures.

Due to the game’s persistent nature, these structures will persist whether or not the team owner is logged into the server.

For example: If you build a base that can defend itself whether or not the squad is online or not, you need to buy an Area Defense Shield which deploys an impenetrable shield around the entire base. You probably also want an Early Warning Radar system which will alert any squad members (online or offline) if hostile forces are detected within range. For defense, there are various laser turrets (e.g. a TSX1) and missile systems (e.g. an AX25) which are AI controlled and can automatically engage hostiles when detected. You can also deploy android (e.g. AC-490) guards to deal with hostile infantry forces.

Almost every key building or defense unit in the game’s asset dB, can be bought and deployed in this manner.

The game world has 4 planets (1 populated with 4 bases) and 7 moons (0 populated). Though we plan to populate the other planets and moons with bases via DLC, only the moons will feature player constructed bases. And those moons will be linked to other moons and planets, similar to how the Lyrius planet (with its four bases) is linked to various parts of the game world via jump gates and Dynamic Jump Pads.

Our ultimate goal is to use these player built bases in a resource based reward fashion. For example, if the base contains a Nuclear Plant, it can produce an Energy Cell pool for the fireteam/squad. Similarly, a Supply Depot can produce spawned PSP, PWP and PMP for the team. And an ARC can produce vehicles, aircraft and similar.

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