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Player Characters have the following attributes which increase based on how they perform during the game and is not something that the player can allocate. For example, the more combat kills a member does and with a certain weapon, the higher his "combat" skill will rise. And the higher the combat skill, the more accurate his weapon use. Speed cannot be changed and does not increase over time.

Skills range from 0-10 and characteristics range from 1-100 (higher values are better, speed ranges from 1-10)

Ranged Combat (CR)Skill using ranged weapons, higher level equals higher rate of fire and chance to hit
Melee Combat (CM)Skill using melee weapons, higher level equals higher more powerful attack and chance to hit
Strength/HPPerson’s health. Once this is depleted, he/she dies. Having body armor adds to the health
Awareness (Sensing Radius)Detects at a greater range, providing team quicker awareness.
SpeedHow fast the unit can run.

Leveling Up

Characters are able to increase their Ranged and Melee combat attributes throughout the game. The amount of ranged damage and melee damage the PC causes is tallied up and if the amount is higher then the attribute improvement requirement the attribute is increased. Attributes are checked at the end of a successful mission and show in a level up menu before returning to the main menu.

Attribute BonusMeleeRanged

Character Classes & Startup Equipment

The player controls 4 characters, each character is from a different class of GALCOM soldiers. These characters are preset in appearance and not customizable.

Each team member carries a combat knife which does not take up any inventory slots. Also, a Target Designator is available for use on planetary missions and is accessible to any character via player input.

NameCRCMSensing RadiusHPSpeed
Mobile Infantry Marine4325404
Assault Force Marine5420703
Elite Force Pilot3325305
Elite Force Marine4330305

Player Characters

Tony Vallejo aka "Crater"- Team Leader (Mobile Infantry Marine)

PrimaryFG45 Combat Rifle
SecondaryEnergy Lance CL1
InventoryFlash Grenade
Combat Knife

Arnaud Farrish aka "Thumper" – Weapons & Armor (Assault Force Marine)

PrimaryGPMG Machine Gun
SecondaryM310 Pistol
InventoryAPG Grenade
Combat Knife

Jill Elsbeth aka "Mash" – Medic & Pilot (Elite Force Pilot)

PrimaryFG45 Combat Rifle
SecondarySCAT1 Pistol
Combat Knife

Carlton Waverly aka "Roach" – Scout (Elite Force Marine)

PrimaryFG45 Combat Rifle
SecondaryPL12 Sniper Rifle
InventoryAPG Grenade
Combat Knife

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