How To Play – In-Game Tips

These are tips and character descriptions that are presented during a mission loading screen. The presented tip is selected randomly from this list.


  • Tony Vallejo aka "Crater" is your team leader with well-rounded skills making him an asset in all situations.
  • Armed with an Energy Lance and Flash Grenades he can get in close and personal.
  • Equipping Crater with a Cloaking Unit will get him past patrols and guards.


  • Jill Elsbeth aka "Mash" is your Medic & Pilot, allowing her to heal wounded allies with a MEDICAL KIT and pilot a variety of vehicles.
  • In addition to piloting vehicles she can carry out field repairs with a REPAIR KIT. Be careful as her light armor makes her more susceptible to enemy attacks.
  • Equipping supportive items on Mash can bolster the team’s strengths or compensate for their weaknesses.


  • Carlton Waverly aka "Roach" is your Scout, his enhanced senses will allow him to detect enemies before the rest of your team.
  • If you need to know what‘s in store ahead of your team, send in Roach. Be careful though as his light armor makes him susceptible to enemy attacks.
  • Giving a SCOPE to Roach will help ensure that every shot finds its mark to make quick work of individual enemy troops.


  • Arnaud Farrish aka "Thumper" is your heavy Assault Marine, his improved ranged and melee skills make him a good offense.
  • Equipped with heavier armor he can also take a beating so keep him on the front lines.
  • Despite being naturally hard to kill, Thumper is not invincible. Keeping an ally with a MEDICAL KIT close by will let him draw fire while the rest of the squad takes out enemy units.


  • CTC are injected into the side of the neck via a neural implant giving the unit the skill to use special weapons, items and vehicles. Any weapon or item that is already unlocked can now be used by this unit.
  • CEP are earned for performing actions such as eliminating enemies, destroying vehicles and collecting salvage. It can be used in the Character Edit menu to unlock new gear and purchase CTC for your squad.


  • A unit’s HP determines how much damage it can take in combat.
  • A unit’s RANGED determines how likely it is that he/she will hit a target with a ranged weapon.
  • A unit’s MELEE determines how likely it is that he/she is able to hit a target in melee combat and deal damage.
  • A unit’s AWARENESS determines how far away he/she can spot enemies.


  • Androids can be controlled like any other infantry unit, but have significantly better armor and more powerful weapons. They move slowly and do not take advantage of cover, so use them wisely.
  • If you‘re facing off against Androids, duck. Rockets and grenades are your best bet when you need to take them down.


  • A well-placed automated turret can help deal with large groups of enemies, provide cover fire, or prevent attacks from behind while taking an objective.
  • Improving the team’s accuracy by equipping a LASER MARKER can be more effective than improving one team member’s weapon.
  • Ordering an air strike with the TARGET DESIGNATOR can help take control of a fight against overwhelming odds.


  • Taking cover can mean the difference between life and death for your squad. COVER reduces damage from weapons and explosions, so keep your squad protected as much as possible.
  • If a cover indicator turns red, it means the cover has been compromised because the unit has been outflanked.
  • Giving a character the GOTO COVER order will make the character stop their current action and find COVER.


  • Order your team to DEFEND a position so that they don’t run out in the open. Then later order them to ENGAGE which allows them to move out.


  • Turrets will automatically target and fire at enemies, while missiles and main cannons fire from the front of the ship.
  • Shields will make your ship invincible while they are up, but you can’t use missiles.
  • You can call in a RESUPPLY shuttle from the Command menu of your ship to repair, resupply missiles and restore shields.


  • Certain missions will allow your squad to pilot vehicles. These can only be piloted by characters who have a corresponding CTC for that vehicle type.
  • THUMPER starts with Pilot Ground Vehicle CTC, while MASH starts with both Pilot Ground Vehicle and Pilot Combat Exoframe CTCs.
  • Some vehicles, like the ATV, can also transport additional characters. Keep in mind that if a vehicle is destroyed, everyone inside is incapacitated.

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