CEP Award
Extra Notes
Kill infantry person
10Players killed with weapon fire or explosives.
Kill infantry person (melee)13Players killed with the combat knife, throwing knife, kicking, hand-to-hand or Energy Lance.
Kill infantry person (multiple)4Multiple players killed (e.g. with grenades, rocket, mine, etc.) An extra 4 CEP awarded for each additional kill. (e.g. 3 kills at once)
Critical kill3Extra 3 CEP rewarded for headshot kills.
Hitting enemy with an HID15Hit a player with a thrown HID or shot from the TKR9.
Assist in a kill2Dealing damage to an enemy that dies or marking it with a TDU.
Android kill4A kill made by an android the player activated.
Heal self1/111 CEP earned for every 11 health restored (based on infantry health starting at 100).
Heal ally1/101 CEP earned for every 10 health restored (based on infantry health starting at 100).
Complete entire mission successfully500
Complete specific mission objective100
Destroy mission specific target25
Destroy super fighter20Destroy RAVEN, VANDAL or ZENSTAR.
Destroy heavy fighter16Destroy ICMK1, ICMK2, CORSAIR or STARDRONE.
Destroy medium fighter14Destroy AURORA, MANTIS or STARLANCE.
Destroy light fighter12Destroy STARMONK or ZODIAC.
Destroy attack gunship15Destroy PHANTOM, AGGRESSOR, RAPIER or INTERDICTOR.
Destroy light gunship12Destroy BLACKGHOST, INTRUDER or SHADOW.
Destroy transport shuttle14Destroy SC490 or K19XZ.
Disable aircraft10Disable any aircraft with an EMPG.
Repair aircraft1/1001 CEP earned for every 100 armor restored.
Rearm aircraft5
Destroy ground vehicle – generic14Destroy CAV, ACAV, ATV, CAB, CAM-MK2, TAB, TABMX2 or UAV.
Destroy ground vehicle – tank20Destroy MAYHEM or WILDCAT.
Destroy ground vehicle – APC18
Destroy ground vehicle – MFB25
Destroy ground vehicle – HAV18
Destroy ground vehicle – MICE14Destroy MICE-MK1 or MICE-MK2.
Disable ground vehicle8Disable any ground vehicle with an EMPG.
Repair a ground vehicle3/1003 CEP earned for every 100 armor repaired.
Rearm ground vehicle5
Destroy naval vehicle14Destroy M-23L or X716G.
Disable naval vehicle8Disable any naval vehicle with an EMPG.
Repair naval vehicle2/1002 CEP earned for every 100 armor restored.
Rearm naval vehicle5
Destroy ground defense gun turret unit – fixed7Destroy MK3P, MK1D or MK2D.
Destroy ground defense gun turret unit – mobile9Destroy MK1P, MK2P or XP10.
Destroy ground defense missile turret unit – fixed8Destroy AX10, AX21, AX25 or GDN4.
Destroy ground defense missile turret unit – mobile10Destroy TSX1, TSX2, ACM or ADV.
Repair turret2/1002 CEP earned for every 100 armor restored.
Rearm turret5
Destroy android6Destroy VT-112, NE-318, AC-420, DT-489, XR-711 or ZN-219.
Destroy deployables5Destroy LADMK1, LADMK2, YN99MK1, YN99MK2, BLOODHOUND, CATALYST, X89-EAGLE or T92-FISHEYE.
Disable mines2Disable or destroy a mine.
Activate small building15Activate ADJ, ADS, EWR or ARC. Also for de-activating the GCV-Starguard detention hold
Activate medium building30Activate COMMS, NUCLEAR PLANT or SOLAR PLANT.
Destroy large building75Destroy STARBASE01, STARBASE02, STARBASE03 or STARBASE04.
Get hit by HID-15Lose 15 CEP if hit by a thrown HID or shot by a TKR9.
Friendly fire kill (ranged)-30Lose 30 CEP for killing a player of the same faction with an explosive.

CTC Award
CEP Cost
CTC Prerequisites
Weapon Skills
Basic Weapons Training150Ability to use M310 and SCAT1
Basic Weapons Proficiency285Ability to use SCAT2, SP911 and T73PBasic Weapons Training
Light Weapons Training175Ability to use FG45, M117, and TL22
Light Weapons Proficiency285Ability to use XN32, ZS10 and ZS12Light Weapons Training
Heavy Weapons Training175Ability to use A9MAG and MK330
Heavy Weapons Proficiency285Ability to use PX42, SAW911 and GPMGHeavy Weapons Training
Sniper Weapons Training175Ability to use DTR4A and BMP9
Sniper Weapons Proficiency285Ability to use PL12 and S779Sniper Weapons Training
Medium Weapons Training175Ability to use HD4SG and HK900
Medium Weapons Proficiency285Ability to use RT41 and TKR12Medium Weapons Training
Advanced Weapons Training175Ability to use GLE22 and HORNET
Advanced Weapons Proficiency285Ability to use J334B, KLMP and LR12Advanced Weapons Training
Beam Weapons Training250Ability to use Energy Lance and WristLaser
Mine Training260Ability to lay LIMPET and LEECH Mines
Mine Proficiency450Ability to use NUCSTAR MinesMine Training
Inventory Skills
Item Training180Ability to use PMU, PBU, PCU, PIE, TDU and WDU
Item Proficiency180Ability to use PMS, PSJ, PSU, PTU and TWSItem Training
Tactical Weapons – Tactical300Ability to use LADMK1, LADMK2, YN99MK1, YN99MK2, BLOODHOUND and CATALYST
Tactical Weapons – Airborne330Ability to use T92-FISHEYE and X89-EAGLE
Sentient Programming330Ability to command/use VT-112, NE-318 and AC-420
Jetpack Training200Ability to use Jetpacks
Wingsuit Training250Ability to use Wingsuit/Wingchute
HAIS Training330Ability to use HAIS
Ground Vehicle Skills
Ground Vehicle Training225Ability to drive CAV, TAB and TABMX2
Ground Vehicle Proficiency270Ability to drive ACAV, CAB, and UAVGround Vehicle Training
Ground Vehicle Expertise325Ability to drive APC, ATVGround Vehicle Proficiency
MICE Class License260Ability to use MICE-MK1 and MICE-MK2
HAV Class License230Ability to drive HAV
Tank Class License285Ability to drive MAYHEM and WILDCAT
MFB License400Ability to drive MFB
Aircraft Skills
Light Fighter Class License260Ability to pilot STARMONK and ZODIAC
Medium Fighter Class License300Ability to pilot AURORA, MANTIS, and STARLANCELight Fighter Class License
Heavy Fighter Class License375Ability to pilot ICMK1, ICMK2, CORSAIR and STARDRONEMedium Fighter Class License
Super Fighter Class License425Ability to pilot RAVEN, VANDAL and ZENSTARHeavy Fighter Class License
Shuttle Class License225Ability to pilot SC490 and K19XZ
Class A Gunship License300Ability to pilot PHANTOM, AGGRESSOR, RAPIER and INTERDICTOR
Class B Gunship License350Ability to pilot WARMONGER, INTRUDER and SHADOWClass A Gunship License
Naval Vehicle Skills
Class A Naval Vehicle Training200Ability to pilot X716G
Class B Naval Vehicle Training275Ability to pilot M-23LClass A Naval Vehicle Training
Building/Defenses Skills
Stationary Defense License175Ability to fire AX10, AX21, AX25, GDN4, MK3P, MK1D and MK2D
Mobile Defense Driving License175Ability to drive TSX1, TSX2, ACM, ADV, MK1P, MK2P and XP10
Mobile Defense Gunner License225Ability to fire TSX1, TSX2, ACM, ADV, MK1P, MK2P and XP10
Advanced Gunner License400Ability to fire TALON artillery gun
Home Security Proficiency200Ability to activate ADS, ADJ and EWR
Command Base Operations Proficiency200Ability to activate SOLAR PLANT, NUCLEAR PLANT, COMMS, and Starbases
Harvesting Training200Increases Radine crystal carrying capacity by 10.
Harvesting Proficiency225Increases Radine crystal carrying capacity by 25.Harvesting Training
Infantry Improvement Skills
Implant Proficiency225Increase the number of Neural Implants that can be active at once by one
Implant Expertise375Increase the number of Neural Implants that can be active at once by twoImplant Proficiency
Combat Medic Training225Increase rate the PMU restores health by 16%
Combat Medic Proficiency275Increase rate the PMU restores health by 33%Combat Medic Training
Combat Medic Expertise325Increase rate the PMU restores health by 50%Combat Medic Proficiency
Protection Proficiency260Increase the capacity of the shield created by the player’s PSU by 50%.
CQC Training225Increase damage with melee and throwing knife attacks by 50%
CQC Proficiency300Increase damage with melee and throwing knife attacks by 100%CQC Training
CQC Expertise375Increase damage with melee and throwing knife attacks by 150%CQC Expertise
Engineering Spec I225Increase rate the PRU restores health by 15%
Engineering Spec II275Increase rate the PRU restores health by 30%Engineering Spec I
Engineering Spec III325Increase rate the PRU restores health by 45%Engineering Spec II
Advanced Programming Spec I150Ability to use TacOps Terminals, including the GCV-Starguard detention hold terminals.
Advanced Programming Spec II240Ability to program (turn ON|OFF) ADJ, ADS, EWR, COMMS, GCV-STARGUARD forcefieldAdvanced Programming Spec I
Advanced Programming Spec III325Ability to program (turn ON|OFF) NUCLEAR PLANT, SOLAR PLANTAdvanced Programming Spec II
Advanced Tactical Specialist400Ability to operate and fire the MFB mounted ICBM. Requires ICBM Specialist CTC
ICBM Launch Operator400Ability to operate and fire the MFB mounted ICBM. Requires Advanced Tactical Specialist CTC
Tactical Insertion Protocol150Ability to select a spawn base (Starbase or Starstation) instead of randomly assigned a spawn base