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Line Of Defense is a combined arms sci-fi multiplayer online game in which two (Galactic Command military and Insurgent paramilitary) teams wage a massive war for control of territory and resources.

Battles take place on a large game world with space and planetary regions. Players engage in combat as infantry with access to various assets such as air, land, sea, and space vehicles.

The game is designed and developed by the indie team at 3000AD, the leader in high-end advanced sci-fi based games.

The game’s hybrid tech supports both dedicated server and session based peer-to-peer (client hosts and plays) multiplayer in a persistent, non-sharded, non-instanced, game world via our Wide Span Global technology.

The business model and design support both F2P and B2P with optional micro-transactions and DLC via a base Starter Kit and Tactical Advancement Kits.

The game has also spawned an RTS companion game, Line Of Defense Tactics, which is currently out on various platforms, including Xbox One.

There are also a series of comic books created in co-operation with DC Comics.


Lyrius, located in the Sirius star system, was once used for bio and weapons based research. The planet was tech rich, and also home to one of Galactic Command’s (GALCOM)  primary research installations.

The Sirius star system itself is home to two space sectors with a total of three planets and two moons. Connected via jump anomalies is the Barnard’s Star system, also home to three planets and two moons in two space sectors.

Of the ten planets and moons in both star systems, only the Lyrius planet has thus far been colonized and thus habitable.

As part of their colonization and research, GALCOM forces constructed a primary research colony on each of the four continents; along with a military starbase.

As the years went by and the planet’s resources were depleted, GALCOM’s focus shifted to other planets. It didn’t take long before the Insurgents, a Terran group that is in direct opposition to GALCOM forces, showed up. They took over the bases, then attacked and killed most of the GALCOM military personnel left on the planet.

Shortly after, they started to wage war on GALCOM forces in other parts of the star system using Lyrius as their base of operations.

That’s when GALCOM finally decided to commit military forces to the planet in a bid to destroy the Insurgent threat. The first part of this engagement played out in our other game, Line Of Defense Tactics.

Please refer to the game’s FAQ for more info.