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What are Starter Kits?

The Starter kit (SK) is a basic faction specific package that gets you into the game. It has various restrictions not present in the Tactical Advancement Kit (TAK) tiers.

For example, you can only deploy from deck 1 of the GCV-Starguard carrier. Terran Military deploy in the Commander’s Quarters & Officers Quarters, and Terran Insurgent deploy in the Guest Quarters.

During gameplay, you can also seek out free items (e.g. jetpack, wingsuit/wingchute), ammo etc spawned at random from the various packs (Portable Supply Pack, Portable Weapon Pack, Portable Medical Pack) scattered around the environment (marked by light beacons).

Until account and feature restrictions are implemented, there will be no CTC restrictions on item usage. So for example, if you have a Starter Kit (it does not come with a jetpack), you can seek out a jetpack, wingsuit/wingchute, weapons etc in the various packs above and be able to use them.

Similarly, buying a game tier does not immediately guarantee access to the items not already implemented or unlocked in the game. For example, if you buy a TAK LIV and the GLE22 grenade launcher has not yet been unlocked, you won’t be able to use it until it is unlocked later on during development.

Check the online dB for a description & stats of each item


  • 2 character classes (Assault Force Marine or Insurgent Infantry)
  • 1 character slot
  • 1 primary loadout slot + 1 custom loadout slot
  • Can only deploy from the Starguard carrier
  • No leaderboard stats tracking
  • Combat Experience Point capped
  • Can only requisition one random asset per class at supply platform
  • Items picked up in the game world do not persistent across regions
  • Cannot requisition androids at supply platform
  • Cannot create fireteam
  • Cannot create squad
  • Cannot create Forward Operating Base

Each faction based Starter kit comes with the following items.

Soldier Enlistment Kit (SEK)

  • M117 rifle
  • SP911 pistol
  • MAG_P3 x3
  • MAG_AR1 x3
  • MEDKIT25 x1
  • CTC: Basic Weapons Proficiency
  • CTC: Light Weapons Training

Battle Survival Gear (BSG)

  • XN32 rifle
  • M310 pistol
  • MAG_P1 x2
  • MAG_AR2 x2
  • MAG_AR4 x2
  • MEDKIT25 x1
  • CTC: Basic Weapons Training
  • CTC: Light Weapons Proficiency

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