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What are CEP and CTC?

Combat Experience Points (CEP)

  • Gained through gameplay or purchased (using GALCRED) in bulk
  • Lost for various illegal actions such as killing other friendly players, destroying friendly units etc
  • Are awarded for performing various in-game actions such as killing the enemy, healing a fellow team mate, destroying or hacking enemy assets, completing a world event etc
  • Can be used to unlock various ranks/decorations
  • Can be used to obtain Combat Training Certificates (CTC)

Combat Training Certificates (CTC)

  • CTC implants are consumables (like ammo) which wear off based on time or usage. Others are permanent. All CTC included in a TAK tier are permanent.
  • Gained through gameplay (e.g. in supply packs spawned in the game world) or purchased individually.
  • Usage requires injection via an implant injector. Once activated, they give various abilities.
  • Can be acquired but not activated until needed
  • Can only have a certain (e.g. 4) number active at any one time

Example of CTC usage:

To be able to fly light fighters and drive certain ground vehicles, you need Light Fighter Class License (+260) and Ground Vehicle Training (+225) for a total of 485 CEP.

So if you have 500 CEP, and activate both of the above, then 485 is deducted from your total.

List of CTC and CEP awards (updated regularly)

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