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How many players are supported?

The game’s hybrid tech supports both dedicated server as well as peer-to-peer (client hosts and plays) session hosting for PC and consoles. It supports a large number of players in a persistent, non-sharded, non-instanced, game world.

Our revolutionary Wide Span Global (WSG) technology supports various networking and game hosting configurations in a distributed multiplayer environment. It combines several game scenes (aka maps, levels etc) to create a seamless world scape; all linked via low latency protocols.


The game world is currently locked to support up to 256 players per scene. When a scene is full, access to it is prohibited.

There are currently a total of thirteen (4 planetary bases, 4 space regions, 4 stations, 1 carrier) scenes.

A full WSG server cluster supports (256 x 13) 3328 clients. Don’t get confused by this number – they’re not all going to be interacting with each other at the same time due to there being a 256 client limit in each of the 13 scenes.

Though the engine is capable of supporting a larger number of clients, the cap in the number of clients per scene is based on the server config, in order to keep performance in check. The novelty of 1000 clients fighting a battle within proximity of each other, is just that – a novelty.


This option allows any player client to host a game for up to 64 players. During setup, sessions can be public or set to private with a password. The player can also setup which supported World Event will be running during the session.

Unlike a WSG dedicated server, for efficiency, player hosted servers can only demand load (with cycling as-needed) the scenes used in the World Event.

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