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Server Status

LOW: 0-59%, MED: 60-89%, HIGH: 90-96%, FULL: 97-100%

List of all server clusters, and their status. Planned maintenance which takes a server OFFLINE, is announced on the website.

You can report server issues via the forum, support email or in our Discord channel.

If a scene (e.g. Heatwave) has an issue, trying to connect to it will show a 1004 (Server Unresponsive) Error Code. This doesn't mean the entire server (which runs several scenes) is down. It means that there is an issue with the scene itself. This is why the server status page will show the server as being online, though connections to the scene is not possible. Also disconnected scenes will show as OFFLINE in the deployment screen. This prevents clients attempting to connect to those scenes.

A scene will show as off-line if it fails to connect to the server cluster. If a scene is offline, attempting to connect to or launch a craft into it, will fail. For example, if Lyrius space scene is down, you won't be able to launch a fighter from Arkangel or Starguard, as they are both located in the Lyrius space region. All the game's 13 scenes are designed to run independently, and have a fail-safe restart mode. This means that if a scene (e.g. Heatwave planetary starbase) goes down, all clients in that scene will be disconnected, and will have to redeploy at another scene until Heatwave resets and restarts.