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How many factions (sides) are there?

The battle is waged between the Terran Military forces of GALCOM (Galactic Command) and the Terran Insurgents, a para-military group.

Line Of Defense hails from an original IP that has thirteen alien nations and over twenty-three castes (Military, Insurgents etc) in a vast universe that spawned several game series (Battlecruiser 3000AD, Universal Combat, Galactic Command, All Aspects).

While some may shrug or frown at the only two factions, there is no empirical evidence or research to suggest that having any particular number makes a game any good or bad. Yes, we all like choices and having a choice is good. But in LOD, with two sides, each with four unique classes – which can cater to any type of character – there are even more possibilities than having more factions and less choice.

Depending on how the game is received, we will of course add other aliens and castes via add-on updates.

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