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What types of player assets are there?


There are various assets (vehicles, air/space craft etc) in the game

  • weapons (machine guns, combat and sniper rifles, pistols, automated turrets, rocket launchers etc). Most weapons have a variety of customization such as scopes, ammo etc
  • various inventory items (e.g. body armor, motion detectors, portable turrets, scopes etc)
  • aircraft (various fighter classes, gunships and shuttles), naval units (small transports)
  • vehicles (ranging from fast and nimble hover bikes to massive tanks)
  • defense and offense units (e.g. SAMS, turrets, cannons)
  • special units (shields, radar, jammers etc)
  • various mech-type battle suits etc.


Various vehicles, aircrafts and gunships can support more than one player. Some have positions for the pilot/driver, gunner(s) and/or passengers.

Also there are some massive gunships and vehicles capable of transporting up to 16 players at a time.

All aircraft and vehicles are created at supply platforms located on the planet (near launch pads) and inside stations and carriers. Depending on your account (Starter Kit or TAK) and certification, you can create the one you want.

After creating a multi-user asset that has been launched, others can join by selecting an available seat (gunner, passenger).

Others wishing to join a multi-user asset during the creation stage, must do so at the supply platform. As an example:

For more info, see the Quick Help.


Players cannot own assets.

However, if you have a Tactical Advancement Kit tier, you can purchase an “asset lock key”, which allows you to create any asset (vehicle, aircraft, defense system etc) that you want; and be able to spawn and use that asset at any time.

For example, if there is a fighter that you like, you can create it as long as you have the required CTC and an “asset lock key”.

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