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How are character stats tracked?

The game allows a fixed number of characters per server.

When you die, you will spawn at the nearest friendly base and with most of your stuff; though you will lose some random stuff (e.g. weapon, ammo etc) that is on your character at the time of death.

If your alliance has its own Forward Operating Base (FOB), you can spawn there as well.

If you are part of a fireteam that has an FOB, you can spawn there too.

During gameplay, your character’s important attributes are monitored & tracked. Location based damage is also featured. This means that specific body parts such as head, legs, arms, torso when damaged, will impair their use. For example, if you get shot in the leg, you won’t be able to walk or run fast. Head shots are always lethal, regardless of shield, armor or the condition of any other body part.


This monitors your health. If you take injury such as during combat or the environment (e.g. you fall from a tall building, you drown), your LF will go down. If it ever gets to zero, you will die.

If your LF goes down to 50, this will affect your movement speed and ability; and if it goes down to 25 or less, your vision will be impaired.

If you are injured, you can find a safe place and remain there while your LF gradually increases as you self-heal.

Using a MedKit will cure your injury and increase your LF.


This monitors your fatigue and directly affects your health. If you perform strenuous actions (walk, run, swim, sprint, drive etc) consistently, your FF will increase and eventually will start affecting your LF which will start to go down.

Since all items in the game have weight, the more stuff you are carrying, the more this will affect your FF as well as your movement speeds.

Sprinting has a rapid effect on your FF. Between 0% and 90% fatigue, you can sprint for 20 seconds (scaled by total carrying weight) before reaching 90% Fatigue Factor.

In order to reduce your FF, you should stop all movement and rest for a bit and it will gradually go down.

Using a MedKit will reduce your FF.


These are tracked as you perform certain actions during your gaming session.


These are tracked as you perform these actions during your gaming session.

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