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What SteamWorks Services Are Supported?

Below is a list of SteamWorks services which we either currently support, plan to support, or have no plans to support.

Steam Account Sign-In

Yes. In fact, this is the only supported account sign-in that we offer. Regardless of where you buy the game, you need a Steam account to login.

Steam In-Game DLC

Yes. You can purchase any of the game’s Tactical Advancement Kit bundles as DLC.

Steam Voice Chat

No. We do plan to support this in a future release. Of course you are free to use third-party voice chat apps as well; but they won’t be officially supported.

Steam Controller

No. We do plan to support this in a future release. The PC version has minimal support for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers.

Steam Leaderboards

No. We have our own leaderboards.

Steam Workshop

No. The game cannot be modded and so there are currently no plans to add this.

Steam Wallet & Inventory


Steam Micro-Transactions

Yes. See Above.

Steam Trading Cards

No. In the future, we will consider the possibilities of implementing these based on current game assets and comics

Steam Big Picture Mode

No. We will review this post-release, and see if it’s worth doing or not.

Steam VR

No. We currently have no plans to support VR of any kind.

Steam Networking, Servers & Matchmaking

No. We have our own networking design and server clusters.

Steam Cloud


Steam Anti-Piracy

No. We do not use the Custom Executable Generation (CEG) because the game does not need it.

Steam Anti-Cheat

No. We do not use Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC).


No. The game is only supported on Windows platform. It has been approved for both Xbox One and PS4, though we do not yet have a release date for those. There are no plans to support other platforms (Linux, OSX).

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