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What actions can my character perform?

Your character can perform various basic physical actions including the ability to crouch, go prone, swim, sprint etc.

The action speeds are character and stance related. For example, the Assault Force Marine runs at 9 m/s with default carry weight, while the Insurgent Sniper runs at 10.5 m/s.

Each stance has a different speed associated with it. e.g. the Assault Force Marine walk is 3.3 m/s, running is 9 m/s, crouch walk is 2.4 m/s, prone walk is 1.5 m/s, swimming is 4.5 m/s. The character can also sprint at 4x the run speed.

Jumping is based on the previous velocity plus 8.8 m/s upward velocity.

All movement speeds are further affected by the amount of items being carried because weight is also modeled.

Also supported are various gestures such as salute, point etc.

With certain implants some actions can be improved beyond human capabilities. e.g you can run sprint faster if you have the BIO-QUICK implant.

NOTE: The game supports location based damage. This means that head shots are 100% lethal, injury to body (arms, legs, torso) will impair movement actions etc

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