Steam CBT Keys Invalidated

Steam CBT Keys Invalidated

If you get notified on Steam that your key has been invalidated, it is due to one or more of the reasons listed below.

  1. CBT key was expired.
  2. CBT key was obtained under false pretenses. Here’s more info (1, 2, 3) on how that happens.
  3. CBT key was found being sold. This is a violation of the license. See point #2
  4. Key was invalidated due to either refund or chargeback.
  5. Promo period which previously gave free access to the game has expired.

Also, free CBT keys which were either never activated, or were activated and the game not played for testing (the whole point of issuing the key), can also be invalidated.

The game is still in development, and we give out CBT keys from time to time. As is standard procedure for all games which do a public alpha or beta test, such keys are invalidated at some point in time.

Anyone who had a now invalidated CBT key, and who has been active in the game and wishes to continue with the program’s testing, can send email to [email protected] requesting a new key. Be sure to include your Steam name so that we can look you up and be able to verify that you were activate in the program.