Dev Status Update

Dev Status Update

I know this is a bit impromptu, but here we are.

Some of you have been messaging and texting me about updates, future planning etc. As you all know, I tend not to announce anything unless it is meaningful and/or exciting. So please excuse the silence these past few months. A LOT of things are going on behind the scenes; and all will be revealed soon. It’s all good. I promise. 🙂

Anyway, the changelog and known issues pages have been updated today.


Part of what I have been doing these past months is running through all the 14 scenes (4 space, 4 planet, 4 station, 1 carrier) and all the game assets, and flagging those which still require quality (complete revision, new textures etc) passes, performance improvements etc. Those of you who own the game, know that it has a LOT of assets. So this has been painstaking to say the least.

Anyway today, I am running through the Gulge starbase, and so I decided to stream it live. So I will be on my Twitch channel today @ 5PM ET. It will be recorded, so if you missed it, you can grab the video when I upload it to YouTube during the week.

UPDATE: The stream was 3.5 hrs long and is now up on our YouTube channel. I also ended up covering all 4 bases (Gulge, Nightbridge, Frostbite, Heatwave) instead of just Gulge.