LOD Server Codes - Line Of Defense
Server Codes


1001 Server Failure Generic server-side failure. Call a priest.
1002 Invalid Session Player is already connected to the same server. Primary prevention for dual logging
1003 Invalid Username or Password
1004 Server Unresponsive
1005 Invalid client version Both client and server versions must match
1006 Disconnected
1007 Server is full
1008 Client banned LOL!! Call dad.
1009 Client already connected Player already has an existing connection token. Secondary prevention for dual logging
1010 Client failed to connect to Game Server Failed to make a connection within 20 second timeout window
1011 Client failed to switch servers Failed to select a new server from the Server Selection window
1012 Client failed transfer to Simulation Server
1013 Client failed to reach Game Server Client failed to connect to the selected Simulation Server (Not the same as ERR1010)
1099 Unknown Login Failure Should not occur. But it did. Slowly back away from computer. Call mom.


2001 Steam I/O Failure Very bad. Go to Steam tech support
2002 Unable to authenticate on Steam Invalid Steam credentials or Steam could be down
2003 Failed to retrieve Application Ticket from Steam
2004 Invalid Steam product code
2005 Login limit exceeded Wait a few mins and try again
2006 Login request is duplicated Probably logged into game from somewhere else
2007 You are not connected to Steam You need to connect to Steam first