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Closed Beta Test Stage

Closed Beta Test Stage

Earlier this month I advised that the game was switching to Closed Beta Test (CBT) phase. This also disables the Steam store page.

In short, nothing has changed other than if you don’t already have access to the game, the only way you’re going to gain access, is by obtaining a CBT Steam key directly from us via our CBT program which we enable from time to time; or via third-party partner sites which still have Steam keys available.


  1. This was my decision. It had nothing to do with Valve. In fact, our Steam account manager was surprised by my request.
  2. Development has NOT stopped. Once we complete the upcoming GEN6 update we are moving on to GEN7. In fact a new build was just released to DSS a few hours ago.
  3. This has no effect on those who still own the game. You can still update it, play it, access DSS builds etc. In other words, you’re now part of a CLOSED BETA TESTgroup.
  4. The game is still on Steam; so your keys, authentication, entitlements etc remain unchanged. We will be setting up our PlayFab system later during development; but it will have no effect on the Steam side of things.
  5. When we put it on Early Access, as the game was already fully funded since the start, it was purely so that we could integrate and test all the Steam backend services we’re using; and also get people in and helping us stress test. Now that enough people have it, if we need more testers down the road, we will issue CBT Steam keys as-needed via our CBT program.
  6. At some point ahead of the game’s final release, or if we do a free play test session, we will re-enable the Steam store page.