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What are Commander Perks

As part of the game’s release on Steam Early Access, which contains a wealth of benefits from the Tactical Advancement Kits, those who purchase the game during the limited time Early Access period will also get a choice of four Commander Perks (see below) based on the Early Access tier (Commander, Ambassador, Emissary) purchased.

Some items (Jetpack MK1B, TAB MX1B, Portable Supply Pack, Special Ops ribbon) in the bundles are also not available for sale in the game and thus are unique to Early Access participants.

Airborne Ops (pilot class)

  • JETPACK MK1B. Not available for purchase. A variation of the JETPACK-MK1 with a unique texture scheme
  • Wingsuit Training CTC
  • Jetpack Training CTC

Tactical Assault Ops (heavy class)

  • TAB MX1B. Not available for purchase. A variation of the TABMX1 with a unique texture scheme
  • Ground Vehicle Training CTC
  • HAV Class License CTC

Tactical Support Ops (support class)

  • Portable Supply Pack. Using Tactical Info Pad allows the player to create a supply drop once a day and at a chosen location. This drop contains various supplies and disappears after a period of time.
  • Item Training CTC
  • Item Proficiency CTC

Special Ops (sniper class)

  • WINGSUIT-SC / WINGCHUTE-SC. A variation of the standard wingsuit / wingchute combo with a unique texture and smoke flares which emit when wingsuit is deployed.
  • PL12 sniper rifle
  • MAG_SR3 x2 sniper rifle ammo mag
  • NV Scope SR 2 sniper rifle attachment
  • Sniper Weapons Proficiency CTC

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