During development any Tactical Advantage Kit tier (not the F2P Starter Kits) that you have, gives you access to everything that we release between now and the game’s final release.

After we release the final game, items that your tier does not contain, will be removed. e.g. all TAK tiers currently have a wingsuit/wingchute for testing purposes. After the game is released, those with TAK Level 1 tiers will no longer have access to these items since they are not part of the tier bundle.

Also note that during dev testing, items which you pickup in the supply packs do NOT persist across scenes. So if you pickup a weapon in Arkangel, then jump to Starguard or Heatwave, those items will be removed from your inventory.


We maintain two public builds. The official General Availability (GA) build, and the internal (DEV) build. The GA builds are derived from the dev builds. We tend to release GA builds depending on what is included in the schedule. The DEV builds are more regular, but less stable than the GA builds. As both are released through Steam BETA, you can switch between the two at any time.

Aside from the internal milestones, the known issues page tracks the issues we are aware of, and which have been addressed in the internal DEV builds. So if you download the DEV build, you will have the most recent build we pushed for internal testing prior to a GA release. This means that at all times, we will always have three versions of the game. i) DEV build in progress for release to DSS –> ii) DEV build released on DSS –> GA wide release

Sometimes, when we update the DEV server branch during internal testing, the DEV client may be out of synch, and will then be unable to connect because the server will not allow a client of a different build number, to connect. If that happens, you can revert back to the GA build, or wait for us to update the DEV client to match the server build.


Build schedule as per dev roadmap:


Defense Systems & Vehicles

phase I (Build AI controlled space defense systems on stations (x4), carrier (x1), Orbital Defense Systems (x2)

phase II (Build AI controlled planetary ground defense (x15) systems (fixed & mobile)

phase III: Player controlled planetary ground vehicles (x13) & defense (x15) systems.

phase IV: Player controlled Mechanized Infantry Combat Exoframe (x2) and naval units (x2)


General tasking ahead of code branch/freeze (more info)

1. Revision and re-activation of the Automated Transport System
2. Improved infantry fps dynamics & mechanics
3. Revised combat flashpoint detection from scene selection menu
5. Enable same faction friendly fire damage
6. Minor improvements to mini-map target filtering and selection
7. Allow items picked up in the world or from paks, to span scenes for TAK accounts
8. Bug fixes and additional planetary scene performance improvements



Build (GA/DSS) | 16-XX-XX


  • Phase II. Activated AI planetary defense systems array (gun turrets, missiles) on ground vehicles.

    Fixed and mobile defense systems are currently programmed to engage any/all detected airborne targets which are within range. All defense systems can be targeted and destroyed; and they will repair over time, then re-activate.

    Later, players will be able to reprogram their modes via a terminal.

    1) Passive (default) // fires only when fired upon
    2) All Targets // fires at all targets
    3) All Hostiles // fires at all targets hostile to the player alliance that activated this terminal

  • Support for DX9 is now deprecated and has been removed from the launcher UI.


  • FIXED: Various DX11 related issues, tweaks etc
  • FIXED: Various bug fixes and tweaks. Including some tweaks to physics input models
  • FIXED: Duplicate ‘Orbit Camera’ entries in camera input settings
  • FIXED: Minimap Zoom In/Out keys are hidden in input settings
  • FIXED: Map (M) does not fill the entire map window when displayed in resolutions lower than 1080p
  • FIXED: Aircraft selected in supply platform UI also appears (spinning) locally in scene
  • FIXED: Supply Platform UI not handling ESC correctly. Sometimes won’t close UI, displays
  • FIXED: Aircraft shields not visible when hit by small arms (infantry weapons) fire
  • FIXED: Underscore character appears in some names on death screen
  • FIXED: Missile lock persists on destroyed target though no longer displayed visually
  • FIXED: Infantry player may spawn with throwing knife equipped with no knives available
  • FIXED: HAIS jump from Arkangel or Starguard to some planet bases (Nightbridge, Gulge) results in premature death
  • FIXED: Client and server sometimes de-sync during sprinting (and sometimes jetpacking)

Build (GA/DSS) | 16-10-04


  • Enabled default “passive” mode for station/carrier defense turrets. They will now only activate and engage targets if the unit (e.g. station) is fired upon and hit.

    Destroyed turrets will auto-repair over time; then re-activate in passive mode.
    Later players will be able to reprogram these defense systems via a terminal inside a station or carrier. Modes:

    1) Passive (default) // fires only when fired upon
    2) All Targets // fires at all targets
    3) All Hostiles // fires at all targets hostile to the player alliance that activated this terminal

  • Revised the space dust/cloud FX for visual and performance improvements. May require further tweaking as-needed


  • FIXED: Various bug fixes and tweaks
  • FIXED: Turrets do not appear destroyed when entering a scene with a destroyed turret
  • FIXED: Threat warning audio sometimes overlap each other when several detections are triggered
  • FIXED: Some Xbox controller buttons no longer work, due to recent input revisions
  • FIXED: Proximity stars/streak FX in space sometimes rendered incorrectly at certain camera angles
  • FIXED: Performance and weapon firing issues when flying through space dust clouds
  • FIXED: Spawn point issue in Starguard
  • FIXED: Some fighter (e.g. Zenstar) guns not correctly synced for simultaneous firing

Build (DSS) | 16-09-20


  • Implemented new threat based voice FX
  • Improved visual FX on launched STS and SDM missiles
  • Improved visual FX on station and carrier shields


  • FIXED: Various bug fixes and tweaks
  • FIXED: Server may crash when aircraft that has damaged defense systems is removed from the scene
  • FIXED: Client may crash when entering a scene with defense systems

Build (DSS) | 16-09-16


  • Enabled inbound missile jamming for Orbital Defense Systems
  • Improved visual FX on launched missiles and aircraft shots
  • Updated website assets dB with missile info and stats


  • FIXED: Various bug fixes and tweaks
  • FIXED: In some cases, when an aircraft is destroyed, not all parts are rendered with destroyed state textures
  • FIXED: Defense system turrets will sometimes continue to fire for a bit after being destroyed
  • FIXED: Defense system turret shots sometimes do not appear while turret shield is visible
  • FIXED: An issue with missiles launched from turrets
  • FIXED: Spawn point issue in Starguard

Build (DSS) | 16-09-09


  • Updated final armor and shield values for the Orbital Defense Systems
  • Updated final radar detection ranges for station/carrier turrets (1000m) and Orbital Defense Systems (1500m)
  • Visual FX tweaks to turret shields and missiles. This is on-going. Will look much better when completed in next build
  • Activated the ODS defense system’s in-bound missile jamming capabilities
  • Missiles launched from turret defense systems now cause damage
  • The larger map (M) for indoor scenes (station, carrier) now has annotations to show the various locations. This task is now complete for all stations/carrier


  • FIXED: Various bug fixes and tweaks
  • FIXED: Station and carrier turrets didn’t have armor values; only shields
  • FIXED: Spawning a shuttle causes performance & sync issues
  • FIXED: Run/Walk toggle state not saved after quitting game
  • FIXED: Firing missiles causes performance & sync spikes
  • FIXED: Exploding grenades would sometimes cause a crash
  • FIXED: When a player is killed, they appear to play the holster/unholster animations until respawn
  • FIXED: Players not always killed when asset is destroyed e.g. crashing into a mountain on the planet

Build (DSS) | 16-09-06


  • Visual tweaks to weapons fire, explosion effects etc on defense system turrets


  • FIXED: Minor tweaks and bug fixes

Build (DSS) | 16-09-02


  • Phase I. Activated AI space defense systems array (gun turrets, missiles) on stations, carrier, and Orbital Defense System.

    Turrets are currently programmed to engage any/all detected targets which are within range. All turrets can be targeted and destroyed individually; and they will repair over time, then re-activate. Missile damage is currently disabled.

    Later, players will be able to reprogram their modes via a terminal.

    1) Passive (default) // fires only when fired upon
    2) All Targets // fires at all targets
    3) All Hostiles // fires at all targets hostile to the player alliance that activated this terminal

  • The larger map (M) for indoor scenes (station, carrier) now has annotations to show the various locations. This is on-going and so far only Arkangel and Starguard have been completed.


  • FIXED: Aircraft missile rearming does not work correctly in some aircraft
  • FIXED: Aircraft missiles only launching from one launch pod location
  • FIXED: Missile launch issues on some aircraft (e.g. Aggressor launching ATS-Spyder missiles)
  • FIXED: Aircraft cross-hair was misaligned in some cases (e.g. Aurora fighter)
  • FIXED: Combat area exit warning message not being cleared in some cases
  • FIXED: The throwing knives are held incorrectly in player hand
  • FIXED: Issues (fewer star streaks than configured) with velocity based star-streak FX in space
  • FIXED: Flying into a planet puts player inside planetary body, instead of destroying the ship

    This requires special handling due to the way the scenes are constructed and the fact that you can currently land on the Lyrius planet, but not the other planets and moons. As with flying too close to the scene border, if you approach too close to the planet/moon atmosphere, you will get a warning. Failure to turn around will result in the destruction of the ship if it breaches the atmosphere.

  • FIXED: The weapon model is sometimes missing when switched. Could be related to empty weapon slot
  • FIXED: Death screen redeploy (respawn works OK) option prevents player from being able to jump to another scene until quit/restart
  • FIXED: It is sometimes possible to launch into space without an aircraft
  • FIXED: Launching a craft from a station or carrier into space will sometimes cause a crash

Build (GA) | 16-07-15


  • You can now use F7 to cycle through hostile/friendly/default target classes
  • The name of the player in the currently targeted vehicle/aircraft is now displayed in the UI
  • Tweaked joystick movement resolution. Lots smoother now
  • The aircraft 3D, virtual cockpit, and orbit camera are now all set to FOV 70 by default
  • Setup turret and weapon systems for Starguard carrier and stations. NOTE: they are NOT activated, so they won’t fire
  • Added new first person grenade and mine handling animations
  • Added new M117 assault rifle model. NOTE: Don’t forget that now we’ve improved on all the character models, we’re working on ALL the weapons. The previously done FG45, and now this M117, give an idea of where we’re going with this, without impacting the game’s performance.
  • Various game asset cleanup and restructuring


  • FIXED: If a scene server (e.g. Gulge) crashes, sometimes it won’t auto-restart (shows as Red in deployment screen) without manual intervention
  • FIXED: The pov setting didn’t take into account the 3D cockpit (e.g. in the Aurora) models.
  • FIXED: The server interconnect count tracking can become incorrect. This could ultimately lead to pushing the server capacity over the limit (even though those connections don’t actually exist), but may screw up establishing new interconnects too
  • FIXED: Using throwing knives can sometimes cause a crash. Also do not damage enemies correctly
  • FIXED: Dropping proximity based mines can sometimes cause a crash
  • FIXED: Detonating a second Nucstar mine can sometimes cause a crash
  • FIXED: Receiving hit information from clients occasionally causes a server crash
  • FIXED: The death screen was not being displayed when player dies in space (inside a craft)
  • FIXED: Various UI issues, as well as some affecting the wingsuit/wingchute and HAIS
  • FIXED: Opening the weapon gear UI (CTRL+T) when no items available for the weapon will cause a crash
  • FIXED: Death in space by ramming or impact registers as a melee death
  • FIXED: Option to swap Yaw/Roll flight mechanics no longer works
  • FIXED: The pov for aircraft passenger or gunner seat position was locked. This prevents player from looking around.
  • FIXED: Various issues with aircraft weapon systems
    • missiles and gun shots sometimes not replicating across the network correctly
    • missiles were sometimes not causing damage on impact
    • missiles with tracking tech were not tracking consistently
    • missile slot 3 (Space-to-Space missiles) couldn’t be selected in some aircraft
    • main guns would not reload after magazine depleted; and manual reload also didn’t work
  • FIXED: Minor scene related fixes and tweaks
  • FIXED: Several client and server crashes



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