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Last Updated: 2018-02-18




During development any Tactical Advantage Kit tier (not the F2P Starter Kits) that you have, gives you access to everything that we release between now and the game’s final release.

After we release the final game, items that your tier does not contain, will be removed. e.g. all TAK tiers currently have a wingsuit/wingchute for testing purposes. After the game is released, those with TAK Level 1 tiers will no longer have access to these items since they are not part of the tier bundle.

Also note that during dev testing, items which you pickup in the supply packs do NOT persist across scenes. So if you pickup a weapon in Arkangel, then jump to Starguard or Heatwave, those items will be removed from your inventory.



GEN 1 – 6

Completed. See changelog archives

GEN 7 – 8

01. phase I : AI controlled space defense systems on stations (x4), carrier (x1), Orbital Defense Systems (x2).
02. phase II : AI controlled planetary ground defense (x15) systems (fixed & mobile).
03. phase III : Player controlled planetary ground vehicles (x13) & defense (x15) systems


Build (DSS) | 17-03-30

Build (GA) | 17-03-30

We maintain two public builds. The General Availability (GA) build, and the internal (DEV) build. The GA builds are derived from the DEV builds. The DEV builds are less stable than the GA builds, and contain new bug fixes, tweaks, features etc. After milestone completion and testing, the DEV build is merged and released as a GA build.

As both are released through Steam BETA, you can switch between the two at any time.

Aside from the internal milestones, the known issues page tracks the issues we are aware of, and which have been addressed in the internal DEV builds. So if you download the DEV build, you will have the most recent build we pushed for internal testing prior to a GA release.

At all times, we will always have three versions of the game. i) internal DEV build –> ii) public DEV build released on DSS –> iii) public GA release

Sometimes, when we update the DEV server branch during internal testing, the DEV client may be out of synch, and clients will then be unable to connect because the server will not allow a client of a different build number to connect. If that happens, you can revert back to the GA build, or wait for us to update the DEV build.

Build (DEV) | 17-06-18


  • Temporarily set the day/night cycle on the planet to 1 hr for a full rotation. As mentioned in the FAQ, the default is 3 hrs. Reduced time lapse makes it easier to test certain on-going visual improvements/fixes without having to use dev console cheat codes which tend to have various side effects. NOTE: This is server side, so it has already been activated in the current live build.
  • Added additional player kill notices in main UI. These are related to player’s own kills etc
  • Improvements to inventory item dynamics & mechanics:
    • Revised HAIS (MK1, MK2) flight dynamics and input, for better handling
    • Activating the HAIS on the planet now uses the map interface to select a drop location. This is the same UI used in the HAIS-MK2 when drop launching from space (station or carrier airlock) to a planetary base below.
    • Revised wingsuit/wingchute flight dynamics and input, for better handling
  • Improvements to infantry fps dynamics & mechanics:
    • Revised weapon Aim Down Sights (ADS) handling. It’s a lot better now; but still subject to on-going tweaks (e.g. with the new weapon models). Shots (ZS12, FG45, SCAT1)


  • FIXED: Aircraft passenger FP camera snaps back to center when you stop moving it
  • FIXED: Proxy server was sometimes not clearing connection tokens correctly on restart
  • FIXED: An issue on Nightbridge with a tree intersecting a building
  • FIXED: Various bug fixes and performance tweaks (on-going)

Build (GA/DSS) | 17-03-30


  • Tweaks to dynamics values for some planetary defense systems and aircraft
  • There is now a 20 sec cool down period when obtaining aircraft/vehicles from supply platforms
  • Updated console commands FAQ


  • FIXED: TACOPS interface remains open while transferring to a new scene
  • FIXED: Pressing F during supply platform seat selection opens a duplicate interface
  • FIXED: Quick inventory access menu UI remains open after being killed
  • FIXED: All clients connected to the scene can sometimes crash when a player picks up a dropped weapon
  • FIXED: Multiple connections can sometimes confuse interconnected server spawning
  • FIXED: Multiple aircraft can be spawned in space scene using docking bay in connected station
  • FIXED: If you crash an aircraft or die within the launchpad recharge region, the ‘press F’ prompt will get stuck on the screen after respawning
  • FIXED: UI issue with ATS docking bay tooltip sometimes stuck on screen
  • FIXED: Client would sometimes crashes when viewing aircraft debris
  • FIXED: Player HUD does not reappear after switching to orbital camera and returning to first person view
  • FIXED: If within the use-range of a DJP and facing a ship, pressing use (F) enters the aircraft and opens the DJP interface at the same time
  • FIXED: Moving with the keyboard while using the 3rd person orbit cam, can sometimes cause the view to stick
  • FIXED: Issue with aircraft hull debris remains static if it was destroyed while landed
  • FIXED: Aircraft HUD values (e.g. ammo) are sometimes incorrect if you exit and re-enter the craft
  • FIXED: Aircraft weapons UI (F3) isn’t getting deleted across scenes and after respawns
  • FIXED: Aircraft weapons HUD becomes stuck on screen when unhiding UI
  • FIXED: Aircraft can enter ‘landed’ mode at any speed. Should only do it when at <= 10 m/s
  • FIXED: Issue with Interceptor MK2 fighter acceleration and deceleration being too low
  • FIXED: Server performance (related to planetary defense systems) issues which cause degradation over time
  • FIXED: Various bug fixes and tweaks



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