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How is character progression handled?

Character progression is handled in various ways:

  • Combat Kills:You accumulate these based on combat actions against the enemy.
  • Combat Experience Points:Through various combat actions (e.g. kills), you gain CEP.
  • Ranks:The accumulation of CEP awards you various combat ranks and decorations (medals, ribbons). These are also dynamic; in that depending on your CEP count, you can lose rank and decorations over time.
  • Combat Training Certificates: These are used to improve certain character attributes and skills.

The combination of CEP and CTC is critical to character progression and the combination allows you to build up your character class as you see fit. You can chose to be a stealth player (sniper) whose sole purpose is to aggravate the forces behind enemy lines, while sneaking around and hacking into base units. Or you can choose to be heavy infantry guy with various weapons of mass destruction.

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