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The game is in active development and currently in Closed Beta Test (CBT) via Steam’s backend services. You can’t buy it on Steam. From time to time as new (fresh eyes) testers are needed, we enable our CBT page, and distribute free (expiring) Starter Kit keys through random selection.


Install the game through Steam by redeeming the Steam key. This will give you access to the GA (General Availability) builds. If you want access to the latest internal DEV builds, which contain bug fixes, tweaks, new features etc, and which will later become the GA build, you can download it via the Beta tab on Steam. For more info, see the DSS page.

After installation, jump into the game by reading the Quick Help.

You can view the game docs (updated to reflect changes in new releases) from within the game launcher or game by pressing F4 (commands), F5 (manual), F6 (quick help).


The game has a Starter Kit primary tier which provides immediate access to the game, while providing various items and unlocks.

It also has four tiers called Tactical Advancement Kits which also provide immediate access to the game, as well as various bundled items and unlocks.

These TAK tiers can also be stacked. For example, you can start off with a Starter Kit, then later obtain any of the four TAK tiers at any time. Or you could start off with a TAK L1, then later obtain any of the other three TAK tiers as-needed.

Depending on your tier type, some items (e.g. the Starter Kit does not come with a jetpack) may have to be obtained from the supply packs (supply, medical, weapon) scattered around the game world (planet, stations etc). Their locations are indicated by lit beacons. From these packs you can get medical kits, weapons, items (jetpack, wingsuit/wingchute etc).

There is no monthly subscription. When the in-game store is enabled, the same items available in the various tiers, can also be purchased individually. They can also be obtained for free via periodic supply pack loot drops.


The game is pure PvP, and takes place in an open world persistent universe.

Players start off as an infantry marine for either the Terran Military (Galactic Command) or Terran Insurgents, with a choice of character class, weapons etc.

During the course of the game, players engage in various activities as infantry, with access to various air, land, sea, and space combat assets, including specific (server dependent) World Event game modes.

For more information, please refer to the gameplay flow FAQ entry.


Due to our staggered release schedule, whereby various features and implementations are released frequently and based on the roadmap, the best way to keep track of features and items unlocked for public testing, is via the changelog, known issues, and roadmap.

During our game testing phase, all kits (Starter Kit or TAK) have access to all items with very few restrictions.


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