NOTE: Don’t forget that you can replay any of the campaign missions at any time after completing the full campaign

1.04.00 | 15-03-15

1.03.00 | 14-12-02

  • PC

    Minor bug fixes & improvements in PC version

  • WINDOWS 8.1 Marketplace

    Initial release

  • Windows Phone 8 release

    Initial release

    • Bug fixes & improvements
    • Removed OpenKit leaderboards due to service closing down
    • Added Prime paid version for iOS build. Full game (no unlocks) contains:
      * Line Of Defense Tactics (Full 16 mission Lyrius campaign)
      * 1000 CEP
      * Skirmish Nightbridge
      * Advanced Weapons Pack (RT41 Shotgun, Frag Grenade, Hornet Rocket Launcher, Portable Cloaking Unit, Armor CL1)
  • OSX
    • Bug fixes & improvements
    • Removed OpenKit leaderboards
    • Removed Facebook login for cloud saves. More info at

1.02.00 | 14-05-15

  • PC/OSX
    Revised some game controls and added new ones

    * LEFT MOUSE BUTTON select unit. Press and drag L/R to move camera
    * MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON rotate camera. Press and drag L/R to rotate camera
    * RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON display Target Command Menu
    * SPACEBAR pause game
    * M fire missiles (space missions)
    * G fire dual cannons (space missions)

  • ALL
    • Updated game database to reflect new asset (aircrafts etc) images on
    • Removed radial menu on drag hold. See controls revisions above.
    • Updated several Unity3D plugins
    • Reduced unit selection sensitivity (WIN)
    • Completely overhauled the touch gestures system. Replaced with new one which works way better (IOS/Android)
    • Added sensitivity slider for camera pan sensitivity to options menu
    • Added pause icon when game is paused
    • Added new icon to options UI
    • Moved the current game build to the main menu (WIN/OSX)
    • Added AppStore restrictions for unsupported (e.g. Galaxy Note 2) devices (Android)
    • Removed camera permissions requirement (Android)
    • FIXED: Removed Facebook reference from help menu
    • FIXED: The mission start screen was showing the BACK button
    • FIXED: Could still click-through some background menus
    • FIXED: The Unity3D joystick & controller options could still be selected though unsupported (WIN/OSX)
    • FIXED: Some minor tweaks and fixes
    • FIXED: Some navigation issues related to the main menu
    • FIXED: Some minor tweaks and fixes (e.g. related to pinch & twist gestures on mobile devices)

1.01.00 | 14-01-23

  • Minor bug fixes and various tweaks

1.00.00 | 14-01-18

  • Initial release on iOS, Android, PC (Steam)

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