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This page lists the in-game help menu information that is presented when the player selects “HELP” from the in-mission Options menu.


Each mission has one or more objectives indicated by objective markers. In order to win a mission all Primary Objectives must be completed and your squad must have survived. Any incapacitated squad members must be revived at the end of a mission with either BIO-HUMAN implants or CEP.


Higher values for all attributes are better. HP: how much damage a character can take. RANGED: how likely they are to hit a target with a ranged weapon. MELEE: how likely they are to hit a target in melee combat and damage inflicted by a hit. AWARENESS: How far away they can spot enemies.


Combat Experience Points are earned for performing actions such as eliminating enemies, destroying vehicles and collecting salvage. CEP can be used in the Character Edit menu to unlock new gear and purchase CTC for your squad.


Combat Training Certificates are required for a character to operate certain weapons, items and pilot vehicles. Each member of your squad starts with CTC matching their specialization, but you can buy more in the Character Edit menu with CEP.


The COMMAND LINE is used to issue orders. Drag from one of your units to an enemy to attack or drag to a point on the ground to move to that position. If you don‘t release the COMMAND LINE, a COMMAND MENU will appear with available actions.


The COMMAND MENU is used to access additional actions for your units, such as using items and swapping weapons. The center icon will perform the default action such as attack or move. To hide the menu, simply tap anywhere outside of the menu or select the CLOSE icon.


You can select one or multiple characters by selecting their portrait. This will pause the game and show the unit’s COMMAND MENU allowing you to SWAP WEAPONS, check STATS and use certain ITEMS. If multiple characters are selected only the MOVE, STEALTH MOVE and ATTACK options will be available from the COMMAND MENU.


Select this action to attack the target with the selected unit. If the unit has a melee weapon equipped they will perform a MELEE ATTACK otherwise they will move into weapon range and fire their ranged weapon.


Select this action to attack the target with all Infantry and android units you control.


Select this action to move all Infantry units to the selected point.


Select this action to attempt to incapacitate an enemy infantry unit. Only enemies that are not in combat can be Incapacitated. Make sure to approach these enemies from behind.


Select this action to attack an enemy infantry unit in hand-to-hand combat. Your character’s MELEE attribute determines how likely they will be to hit their enemy and how much damage they will do. If attacking with a melee weapon such as an Energy Lance, that weapon’s Damage stat will determine how much damage each hit causes.


To go to cover, simply move an infantry character to a cover icon. A pulsing cover indicator will appear over the character if they are in cover and only one character can occupy a cover point at a time. Cover reduces damage from ranged weapons and explosions. Yellow cover points are directional, meaning that they only protect from one direction. If a cover indicator turns red, it means the cover has been compromised because the unit has been outflanked. Green cover points offer protection from multiple directions and cannot be outflanked.


Select this action to move quietly. Enemies facing away from your character will not be able to detect it.


Select this action to swap between a character’s primary and secondary weapon. The character’s portrait will show the currently equipped weapon.


Select this action to enter or exit a vehicle. The first character entering a vehicle must have the correct CTC to pilot it.


Select the DEFEND action to order a character to hold at the selected position and automatically attack enemies within weapon range. To release a character from DEFEND, either select the ENGAGE order or give them a new direct order such as MOVE or ATTACK.


Select this action to order a character to move to the nearest cover point.


If a character has a CLOAKING UNIT they are able to CLOAK and be completely invisible for 15 seconds. Each CLOAKING UNIT has 5 uses per mission. Cloaked characters cannot be detected by enemies.


If one of your characters is incapacitated during a mission they can be revived with a BIO-HUMAN IMPLANT. The number of available implants is indicated in the top left BIO-HUMAN counter. To revive a character, select their body and then select REVIVE from the COMMAND MENU that appears.


Each character has two item inventory slots for carrying items such as GRENADES, MEDICAL KITS and ARMOR. At the start of the campaign one item slot will be unlocked on each character. To use both slots you will need to unlock the second item slot on each character with CEP in the Character Edit menu. Once unlocked you can equip any unlocked item into that slot by selecting it.


During a mission you can use any item in you character’s inventory by selecting the item from the COMMAND MENU. Some items such as ARMOR are passive and are always in use. To use items that require a target, such as GRENADES, JETPACKS, MEDICAL KITS, drag the COMMAND LINE from the character with the item to a target, wait for the COMMAND MENU to appear and select the item.


Grenades are used like any other item that require a target. Select the character with the grenade, then select a target position and select the grenade type from the COMMAND MENU. Grenades have a limited range they can be thrown. This is shown with the range circle that appears around any characters armed with grenades when the COMMAND MENU is shown.


BIO-HUMAN implants are used to revive an incapacitated squad member. To use, select an incapacitated character and select the REVIVE option from the COMMAND MENU.


If one of your characters is equipped with a MEDICAL KIT they are able to heal themselves and any friendly infantry units. To heal, select the character with the MEDICAL KIT, then select the ally you want to heal and select MEDICAL KIT from the COMMAND MENU. To self-heal, select the PORTRAIT of the character who has the MEDICAL KIT and select MEDICAL KIT from their COMMAND MENU. Each MEDICAL KIT can be used 4 times per mission and each use restores 25 HP.


When an enemy unit is killed they will drop salvage. To pick up the salvage simply walk over it with any of your characters. The item can be either a weapon unlock, item unlock, item refill, CEP bonus or a BIO-HUMAN implant. If you unlock a new weapon or Item, it will be available for your next mission in the Character Edit menu.


Red crates have a chance of containing new gear, item refills, BIO-HUMAN implants or a CEP bonus. Attack the crate with any character to destroy it. Then have a character walk over any salvage to collect it.


Planetary surface missions might have AIR SUPPORT available. These three support icons indicate the number of TURRET DROPS, LIGHT AIRSTRIKES and HEAVY AIRSTRIKES available. To use air support one of your characters must have a TARGET DESIGNATOR item. That character can call in air support using their COMMAND MENU like any other action.


In the space combat missions, at the cost of CEP, you can use this option to call for a shuttle. When it arrives, it will repair the ship damage, regenerate the shields and rearm it with a full load of missiles.


To save and load games on multiple devices from the cloud, login using your Facebook account. From the main menu, select the OPTIONS menu, then select STATS and then Settings.

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