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Deployable Turret Attributes

These are portable deployable turrets that can be placed by a PC to help defend an area. they are considered equipment and use one of the PC’s inventory slots. Each PC can only carry one deployable.

Range Damage Interval Energy Capacity Energy Use Radius HP
Bloodhound 20 2 0.5 100 20 0 50
LAD MK1 15 4 0.5 100 20 0 70
YN99 MK1 30 8 2 100 10 1 70


The Bloodhound is a small portable automated turret armed with a Machine Gun.

BLOODHOUND-1024x576 (1)

YN99 MK1

This is a high powered, long range automated turret is best suited against vehicles and slow moving targets.



Short range anti-infantry turret. Provides high damage and a high rate of fire. Only available as a support drop using the Target Designator item.


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