Awards – Combat Training Certifications

Combat Training Cert (CTC) awarded for various actions in the game

Weapon – Launchers 100 Unit can use rocket and missile launchers.
Weapon – Heavy Machine Guns 200 Unit can use heavy machine guns like the A9Mag.
Weapon – Machine Guns 100 Unit can use regular machine guns.
Weapon – Sniper Rifles 200 Unit can use sniper rifles.
Weapon – Energy Lance 100 Unit can use an Energy Lance.
Medic 100 Unit can use a Medical Kit to heal wounded infantry.
Vehicle Repair 100 Unit can use a Repair Kit to repair vehicles and androids.
Jetpack 150 Unit can use a jetpack or HAIS
Pilot Ground Vehicle 200 Unit can pilot a ground vehicle.
Pilot Combat Exoframe 200 Unit can pilot a MICE Exoframe.
Support Orders 200 Unit can call in support orders with a target designator.
Deploy Turrets 200 Unit can carry and deploy automated turrets.
Cloaking 200 Unit can use a Cloaking Unit to become invisible for 15 seconds.

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