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Spacecraft Weapons

Dual Cannon

Powerful offensive weapons with long range. They have a narrow firing angle requiring the ship to turn to aim.

Auto Turret

Small rapid fire rotating turret, used primarily for short range ship defense rather than offense. Also with Focus Fire capabilities.

Name Range Damage Interval Radius Firing Arc
Dual Cannon 60 15 1 3 Forward 0º
Auto Turret 40 3-10 3 NA 180º

Phalanx Missile System

Missile launch system with a variety of missile types.

Name Quantity Range Damage Speed Turning Radians Explosion Radius Firing Arc
STS-Analog (Short Range) 20 60 10 20 4 2 Forward 0º
STS-Starchild (Medium Range) 10 90 25 15 2 4 Forward 0º
STS-Vagrant (Long Range) 5 120 40 10 0.5 5 Forward 0º

Ground Vehicle Weapons

Mini Rockets

Small rockets that have explosive radius damage, no tracking and medium damage. Main weapon of the TAB.

Plasma Cannon

Main gun of land tank vehicles like the ATV and Wildcat. Has a small explosive radius and very high damage.

Dual Auto Cannon

Main weapon of the MICE-MK1, rapid fire with medium damage.

Dual Lasers

Main weapon of the MK1P, rapid fire with high damage.

Name Range Damage Accuracy Interval Radius
Mini Rockets 20 8 0 3 3
Plasma Cannon 40 30 0 3 3
Dual Auto Cannon 30 10 0 1 NA
Dual Lasers 35 15 0 1 NA

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