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This is a basic list of weapons available for units in the game.

Items marked in Green are available at the start of the campaign and do not have to be unlocked.

Weapons in Tactics have unlimited ammo and do not have ammo types, stats and damage are tied to each weapon instead.

Some weapons have limited shots per clip and require reloading (those weapons will have a Clip value of > 1 and a time listed in the Reload column).

Primary Weapons

FG45 Combat Rifle35501.582.5
M117 Combat Rifle40511.582
ZS10 Combat Rifle35611.562
GPMG Machine Gun258-1153
MK330 Machine Gun3060184

Secondary Weapons

M310 Pistol152-10.8141.5NA
SCAT1 Pistol182-10.8121.5NA
A9MAG Machine Gun2512-12108NA
RT41 Shotgun12101255NA
HD45G Shotgun12101285NA
HK900 Shotgun16121285NA
PL12 Sniper Rifle6062263NA
BMP9 Sniper Rifle70102262NA
DTR4A Sniper Rifle7082283NA
J334B Grenade Launcher2515-21.5463
GLE22 Grenade Launcher3510-21.5652
KLMP Rocket Launcher3020-22664
Hornet Rocket Launcher3030-13154

Grenades (Item Slot)

EMPGDisables vehicles and androids inside radius for 15 seconds15NA81
FLASHStuns infantry units inside radius for 15 seconds15NA81
SMOKECreates a smoke cloud that blocks visibility through

the smoke and gives cover to all infantry units inside

Melee Weapons (Primary Weapon Slot)

Combat KnifeUses the unit’s Attack Melee stat
Energy Lance CL1 (Blue)10
Energy Lance CL3 (Red)15

Weapon Attachments (Item Slot)

ScopeAdds +1 accuracy to a rifle, cannot be used on pistols, machine guns, shotguns or melee weapons.
Laser MarkerAdds +1 accuracy to any friendly units also firing on this target
Grenade LauncherGives 4 grenade shots to a Rifle class weapon. Grenade shots use the same stats as the J334B Grenade Launcher with a range of 20.

Infantry Weapons:

The following are short weapon descriptions listed under each weapon type:


Melee attacks only

PistolClose range weapon of last resort
Combat Rifle

Combat Rifles are all-purpose weapons


Increased damage at short range

Sniper Rifle

Chance of headshot. Low accuracy at short range

Machine Gun

Damage ranges from 1/2 to 2X damage stat


Explosive area of effect damage

Grenade Launcher

Explosive area of effect damage

The following attributes are shared between infantry weapons:

RangeThe max distance the weapon can fire (in Unity units)
DamageDamage per "shot" (some weapons use bursts but each burst is still counted as one shot)
AccuracyAn offset that affects the character’s aim. Distance to target affects accuracy, most weapons receive an accuracy bonus for short range and a penalty for long range. Sniper rifles receive a penalty for short range while getting no penalty for long range shots.
IntervalHow long each shot takes to fire (interval between shots)
Clip SizeHow many shots before reload
Reload TimeHow long it takes to reload weapon

Additional Attributes that are used by other weapons


For explosives, this the radius in Unity units that determines which units were affected.

We can either inflict the same damage on all units within that radius or decrease damage

based on distance from the center.

FuseGrenades have a fuse that determines the explosion delay after the grenade has landed.

Some grenades can be used to incapacitate infantry or vehicles. When noted these will disable any matching units in the explosion radius for 5 seconds.

Infantry weapons are affected by range to the target. In general close range shots increase accuracy and extreme long range decreases accuracy, the only exception is sniper rifles that decrease accuracy at short range and don’t decrease accuracy at long range.

Range (meters)Standard Accuracy Adjustment
Range (meters)Sniper Accuracy Adjustment

Shotguns have a special damage chart that affects their damage by range to target.

Range (meters)Shotgun Damage Adjustment



Machine gun damage is a random range from 1/2 of the damage value to 2x the damage value. Making them a bit unpredictable but giving them potentially very high damage.

Primary Weapons:

These are weapons that fit into a character’s primary weapon slot and are typically used for ranged attacks.

FG45 Combat Rifle

Standard issue automatic rifle, good overall balance between rate of fire, weight and damage. STARTING ITEM

M117 Combat Rifle

Higher Range and better accuracy.

ZS10 Combat Rifle

Higher damage, faster rate of fire.

GPMG Machine Gun

Basic machine gun. Low accuracy but high rate of fire. STARTING ITEM

MK330 Machine Gun

Longer range, lower damage, large clip size.

Secondary Weapons:

These are weapons that fit into a character’s secondary weapon slot and are used for special attacks.

M310 Pistol

Short range, low damage but high capacity clips. STARTING ITEM

SCAT1 Pistol

Short range, low damage but high capacity clips. STARTING ITEM

A9MAG Machine Gun

Heavy rapid fire machine gun. Higher damage and rate of fire but takes a long time to reload.

RT41 Shotgun

Basic shotgun, short range but good damage and easy to hit.

HD4SG Shotgun

Higher clip capacity.

HK900 Shotgun

Higher range, higher damage, higher clip capacity.

PL12 Sniper Rifle

Basic sniper rifle, high range, medium damage. Sniper rifles have a 15% chance of getting an instant kill with a headshot (on infantry only). STARTING ITEM

BMP9 Sniper Rifle

Higher range, higher damage, faster rate of fire. Sniper rifles have a 15% chance of getting an instant kill with a headshot (on infantry only).

DTR4A Sniper Rifle

Higher range, higher damage, higher clip size. Sniper rifles have a 15% chance of getting an instant kill with a headshot (on infantry only).

Hornet Rocket Launcher

Explosive radius damage. Single missile fire, long range and high damage.

J334B Grenade Launcher

Explosive radius damage. Medium range, large explosive radius.

GLE22 Grenade Launcher

Long range grenade launcher, small clip size.

KLMP Rocket Launcher

Lower range and damage than Hornet but has a 4 shot clip.

APG Grenade

Explosive radius damage. STARTING ITEM

Frag Grenade

Explosive radius damage. Higher damage.

EPMG Grenade

Disables electronic systems and vehicles for 15 seconds.

Smoke Grenade

Creates a smoke particle effect over an area. Any units inside the smoke radius count as being in cover.

Flash Grenade

Creates a disorienting flash of light and sound, any units inside radius are stunned for 15 sec.

Melee Weapons

Combat Knife

All units carry a combat knife in addition to their regular weapon slots.

Energy Lance CL1

A powerful melee energy weapon. Uses the characters secondary weapon slot. STARTING ITEM

Energy Lance CL2

A powerful melee energy weapon. Uses the characters secondary weapon slot.

Weapon Attachments

These attachments count as items and use one of the character’s item slots.


Increases accuracy of a combat or sniper rifle.

Laser Marker

Increases accuracy of all friendly units also firing on the current target.

Grenade Launcher

Gives 4 grenades to a combat rifle, making it the equivalent of a J334B Grenade Launcher.

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