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Build (DEV) | 17-06-18


  • Temporarily set the day/night cycle on the planet to 1 hr for a full rotation. As mentioned in the FAQ, the default is 3 hrs. Reduced time lapse makes it easier to test certain on-going visual improvements/fixes without having to use dev console cheat codes which tend to have various side effects. NOTE: This is server side, so it has already been activated in the current live build.
  • Added additional player kill notices in main UI. These are related to player’s own kills etc
  • Improvements to inventory item dynamics & mechanics:
    • Revised HAIS (MK1, MK2) flight dynamics and input, for better handling
    • Activating the HAIS on the planet now uses the map interface to select a drop location. This is the same UI used in the HAIS-MK2 when drop launching from space (station or carrier airlock) to a planetary base below.
    • Revised wingsuit/wingchute flight dynamics and input, for better handling
  • Improvements to infantry fps dynamics & mechanics:
    • Revised weapon Aim Down Sights (ADS) handling. It’s a lot better now; but still subject to on-going tweaks (e.g. with the new weapon models). Shots (ZS12, FG45, SCAT1)


  • FIXED: Aircraft passenger FP camera snaps back to center when you stop moving it
  • FIXED: Proxy server was sometimes not clearing connection tokens correctly on restart
  • FIXED: An issue on Nightbridge with a tree intersecting a building
  • FIXED: Various bug fixes and performance tweaks (on-going)

Build (GA/DSS) | 17-03-30


  • Tweaks to dynamics values for some planetary defense systems and aircraft
  • There is now a 20 sec cool down period when obtaining aircraft/vehicles from supply platforms
  • Updated console commands FAQ


  • FIXED: TACOPS interface remains open while transferring to a new scene
  • FIXED: Pressing F during supply platform seat selection opens a duplicate interface
  • FIXED: Quick inventory access menu UI remains open after being killed
  • FIXED: All clients connected to the scene can sometimes crash when a player picks up a dropped weapon
  • FIXED: Multiple connections can sometimes confuse interconnected server spawning
  • FIXED: Multiple aircraft can be spawned in space scene using docking bay in connected station
  • FIXED: If you crash an aircraft or die within the launchpad recharge region, the ‘press F’ prompt will get stuck on the screen after respawning
  • FIXED: UI issue with ATS docking bay tooltip sometimes stuck on screen
  • FIXED: Client would sometimes crashes when viewing aircraft debris
  • FIXED: Player HUD does not reappear after switching to orbital camera and returning to first person view
  • FIXED: If within the use-range of a DJP and facing a ship, pressing use (F) enters the aircraft and opens the DJP interface at the same time
  • FIXED: Moving with the keyboard while using the 3rd person orbit cam, can sometimes cause the view to stick
  • FIXED: Issue with aircraft hull debris remains static if it was destroyed while landed
  • FIXED: Aircraft HUD values (e.g. ammo) are sometimes incorrect if you exit and re-enter the craft
  • FIXED: Aircraft weapons UI (F3) isn’t getting deleted across scenes and after respawns
  • FIXED: Aircraft weapons HUD becomes stuck on screen when unhiding UI
  • FIXED: Aircraft can enter ‘landed’ mode at any speed. Should only do it when at <= 10 m/s
  • FIXED: Issue with Interceptor MK2 fighter acceleration and deceleration being too low
  • FIXED: Server performance (related to planetary defense systems) issues which cause degradation over time
  • FIXED: Various bug fixes and tweaks

Build (GA/DSS) | 17-03-10


  • Phase II. Activated AI controlled planetary defense systems (gun turrets, missiles) on ground vehicles.

    Defense systems (fixed and mobile) are currently programmed to engage any/all detected airborne targets which are within range. All defense systems can be targeted and destroyed; and they will repair over time, then re-activate automatically.

    Default state of AI controlled space and planetary defense systems. See world map.


    LYRIUS Orbital Defense Systems All Targets
    Arkangel Station All Targets
    Starguard Carrier Passive
    LENNEN Orbital Defense Systems All Targets
    Vanguard Station All Targets
    SYGAN Orbital Defense Systems All Targets
    Templar Station All Targets
    ZILON Orbital Defense Systems All Targets
    Overwatch Station All Targets


    Heatwave Starbase Passive
    Frostbite Starbase All Targets
    Nightbridge Starbase All Targets
    Gulge Starbase All Targets
  • Players can now control the defense systems via any TACOPS terminal located inside the station, carrier, or at a planetary starbase. A message is displayed in the chat window when the state changes.
    PASSIVE fires only when fired upon and is hit by weapons fire
    ALL TARGETS fires at all targets
    ALL HOSTILES fires at all targets hostile to the player alliance that set the programming

    Activation of the space defenses controls the station or carrier defense (missiles and gun turrets) systems in the local region.

    Activation of the planetary defenses controls the fixed and mobile surface to air missile and gun turret systems in the local region.

    Units within a region (space or planet) are independently controlled. e.g. the Orbital Defense Systems around the Lyrius planet, the Arkangel station and Starguard carrier gun/missile defense systems, are all controlled separately.

  • Support for DX9 is now deprecated and has been removed from the launcher UI
  • Added new visual effects toggles (water, clouds) in the OPTIONS menu as part of the on-going optimization pass
  • The 3D test cockpit (used in the Aurora fighter) has been disabled. As mentioned in the roadmap, I don’t like how these turned out; that’s why we didn’t do the others yet. As we now have support for them, we’re going to redo the 3D models in a different design/style.
  • The Incursion and Hostile Incarceration World Events are now completed. The team scoring UI for the resolution phase in Hostile Incarceration will be in an upcoming update, as it’s needed for the other remaining three World Events.
  • Added a new “QUICK RUN THROUGH THE GAME WORLD” section to the gameplay flow FAQ
  • Updated the game docs to reflect recent revisions and updates (e.g. now includes info about defense systems). Don’t forget to download and run the updated LOD_steam_shortcuts file. This will create the desktop shortcuts to the latest docs. For more info, see support KB52.


  • FIXED: A crash will sometimes occer when changing seats in aircraft while in space
  • FIXED: A crash will sometimes occur when player/aircraft leaves a scene
  • FIXED: Performance issues after moving through various scenes in same session
  • FIXED: Craft sometimes not removed when player disconnects from server while docked
  • FIXED: Attempting to dock at a bay while still targeted by defense systems will cause a crash
  • FIXED: Station docking bay prompt issues in UI
  • FIXED: Attempting to land an aircraft on the ground was causing some issues
  • FIXED: Incorrect cockpit view when aircraft passenger changes seat
  • FIXED: Craft UI to change seats or eject (by pilot) players in a seat sometimes not working
  • FIXED: Banned user sometimes not getting message when logging into server
  • FIXED: Space scenes sometimes stop accepting connections; thus preventing scene transitions
  • FIXED: Passengers in a multi-seat craft sometimes don’t transfer with craft after jump to new scene
  • FIXED: Changing seats while inside a multi-seat craft sometimes crashes the client
  • FIXED: Duplicate ‘Orbit Camera’ entries in camera OPTIONS settings
  • FIXED: Minimap zoom keys hidden in input OPTIONS settings
  • FIXED: Map (M) does not fill the entire map window when displayed in resolutions lower than 1080p
  • FIXED: Aircraft selected in supply platform UI also appears (spinning) locally in scene
  • FIXED: TACOPS interface sometimes opens when interacting with other UI
  • FIXED: Supply Platform UI not handling ESC correctly. Sometimes won’t close UI, displays
  • FIXED: Aircraft shields not visible when hit by small arms (infantry weapons) fire
  • FIXED: Underscore character appears in some names on death screen
  • FIXED: Missile lock persists on destroyed target though no longer displayed visually
  • FIXED: Infantry player may spawn with throwing knife equipped with no knives available
  • FIXED: HAIS jump from Arkangel or Starguard to some planet bases (Nightbridge, Gulge) results in premature death
  • FIXED: Client and server sometimes de-sync during sprinting (and sometimes jetpacking)
  • FIXED: Various DX11 related issues, tweaks etc
  • FIXED: Various bug fixes and tweaks. Including some tweaks to physics input models

Build (GA/DSS) | 16-10-04


  • Enabled default “passive” mode for station/carrier defense turrets. They will now only activate and engage targets if the unit (e.g. station) is fired upon and hit.
  • Revised the space dust/cloud FX for visual and performance improvements. May require further tweaking as-needed


  • FIXED: Various bug fixes and tweaks
  • FIXED: Turrets do not appear destroyed when entering a scene with a destroyed turret
  • FIXED: Threat warning audio sometimes overlap each other when several detections are triggered
  • FIXED: Some Xbox controller buttons no longer work, due to recent input revisions
  • FIXED: Proximity stars/streak FX in space sometimes rendered incorrectly at certain camera angles
  • FIXED: Performance and weapon firing issues when flying through space dust clouds
  • FIXED: Spawn point issue in Starguard
  • FIXED: Some fighter (e.g. Zenstar) guns not correctly synced for simultaneous firing

Build (DSS) | 16-09-20


  • Implemented new threat based voice FX
  • Improved visual FX on launched STS and SDM missiles
  • Improved visual FX on station and carrier shields


  • FIXED: Various bug fixes and tweaks
  • FIXED: Server may crash when aircraft that has damaged defense systems is removed from the scene
  • FIXED: Client may crash when entering a scene with defense systems

Build (DSS) | 16-09-16


  • Enabled inbound missile jamming for Orbital Defense Systems
  • Improved visual FX on launched missiles and aircraft shots
  • Updated website assets dB with missile info and stats


  • FIXED: Various bug fixes and tweaks
  • FIXED: In some cases, when an aircraft is destroyed, not all parts are rendered with destroyed state textures
  • FIXED: Defense system turrets will sometimes continue to fire for a bit after being destroyed
  • FIXED: Defense system turret shots sometimes do not appear while turret shield is visible
  • FIXED: An issue with missiles launched from turrets
  • FIXED: Spawn point issue in Starguard

Build (DSS) | 16-09-09


  • Updated final armor and shield values for the Orbital Defense Systems
  • Updated final radar detection ranges for station/carrier turrets (1000m) and Orbital Defense Systems (1500m)
  • Visual FX tweaks to turret shields and missiles. This is on-going. Will look much better when completed in next build
  • Activated the ODS defense system’s in-bound missile jamming capabilities
  • Missiles launched from turret defense systems now cause damage
  • The larger map (M) for indoor scenes (station, carrier) now has annotations to show the various locations. This task is now complete for all stations/carrier


  • FIXED: Various bug fixes and tweaks
  • FIXED: Station and carrier turrets didn’t have armor values; only shields
  • FIXED: Spawning a shuttle causes performance & sync issues
  • FIXED: Run/Walk toggle state not saved after quitting game
  • FIXED: Firing missiles causes performance & sync spikes
  • FIXED: Exploding grenades would sometimes cause a crash
  • FIXED: When a player is killed, they appear to play the holster/unholster animations until respawn
  • FIXED: Players not always killed when asset is destroyed e.g. crashing into a mountain on the planet

Build (DSS) | 16-09-06


  • Visual tweaks to weapons fire, explosion effects etc on defense system turrets


  • FIXED: Minor tweaks and bug fixes

Build (DSS) | 16-09-02


  • Phase I. Activated AI controlled space defense systems array (gun turrets, missiles) on stations, carrier, and Orbital Defense System.

    Turrets are currently programmed to engage any/all detected targets which are within range. All turrets can be targeted and destroyed individually; and they will repair over time, then re-activate automatically. For testing purposes, missile damage is currently disabled.

  • The larger map (M) for indoor scenes (station, carrier) now has annotations to show the various locations. This is on-going and so far only Arkangel and Starguard have been completed.


  • FIXED: Aircraft missile rearming does not work correctly in some aircraft
  • FIXED: Aircraft missiles only launching from one launch pod location
  • FIXED: Missile launch issues on some aircraft (e.g. Aggressor launching ATS-Spyder missiles)
  • FIXED: Aircraft cross-hair was misaligned in some cases (e.g. Aurora fighter)
  • FIXED: Combat area exit warning message not being cleared in some cases
  • FIXED: The throwing knives are held incorrectly in player hand
  • FIXED: Issues (fewer star streaks than configured) with velocity based star-streak FX in space
  • FIXED: Flying into a planet puts player inside planetary body, instead of destroying the ship

    This requires special handling due to the way the scenes are constructed and the fact that you can currently land on the Lyrius planet, but not the other planets and moons. As with flying too close to the scene border, if you approach too close to the planet/moon atmosphere, you will get a warning. Failure to turn around will result in the destruction of the ship if it breaches the atmosphere.

  • FIXED: The weapon model is sometimes missing when switched. Could be related to empty weapon slot
  • FIXED: Death screen redeploy (respawn works OK) option prevents player from being able to jump to another scene until quit/restart
  • FIXED: It is sometimes possible to launch into space without an aircraft
  • FIXED: Launching a craft from a station or carrier into space will sometimes cause a crash

Build (GA) | 16-07-15


  • You can now use F7 to cycle through hostile/friendly/default target classes
  • The name of the player in the currently targeted vehicle/aircraft is now displayed in the UI
  • Tweaked joystick movement resolution. Lots smoother now
  • The aircraft 3D, virtual cockpit, and orbit camera are now all set to FOV 70 by default
  • Setup turret and weapon systems for Starguard carrier and stations. NOTE: they are NOT activated, so they won’t fire
  • Added new first person grenade and mine handling animations
  • Added new M117 assault rifle model. NOTE: Don’t forget that now we’ve improved on all the character models, we’re working on ALL the weapons. The previously done FG45, and now this M117, give an idea of where we’re going with this, without impacting the game’s performance.
  • Various game asset cleanup and restructuring


  • FIXED: If a scene server (e.g. Gulge) crashes, sometimes it won’t auto-restart (shows as Red in deployment screen) without manual intervention
  • FIXED: The pov setting didn’t take into account the 3D cockpit (e.g. in the Aurora) models.
  • FIXED: The server interconnect count tracking can become incorrect. This could ultimately lead to pushing the server capacity over the limit (even though those connections don’t actually exist), but may screw up establishing new interconnects too
  • FIXED: Using throwing knives can sometimes cause a crash. Also do not damage enemies correctly
  • FIXED: Dropping proximity based mines can sometimes cause a crash
  • FIXED: Detonating a second Nucstar mine can sometimes cause a crash
  • FIXED: Receiving hit information from clients occasionally causes a server crash
  • FIXED: The death screen was not being displayed when player dies in space (inside a craft)
  • FIXED: Various UI issues, as well as some affecting the wingsuit/wingchute and HAIS
  • FIXED: Opening the weapon gear UI (CTRL+T) when no items available for the weapon will cause a crash
  • FIXED: Death in space by ramming or impact registers as a melee death
  • FIXED: Option to swap Yaw/Roll flight mechanics no longer works
  • FIXED: The pov for aircraft passenger or gunner seat position was locked. This prevents player from looking around.
  • FIXED: Various issues with aircraft weapon systems
    • missiles and gun shots sometimes not replicating across the network correctly
    • missiles were sometimes not causing damage on impact
    • missiles with tracking tech were not tracking consistently
    • missile slot 3 (Space-to-Space missiles) couldn’t be selected in some aircraft
    • main guns would not reload after magazine depleted; and manual reload also didn’t work
  • FIXED: Minor scene related fixes and tweaks
  • FIXED: Several client and server crashes

Build (GA) | 16-06-03


  • Some scene lighting tweaks. e.g. Nightbridge looks a lot better now.
  • Updated the infantry section of the keyboard commands due to X/Y button revisions


    • Using keyboard, 1-9 keys cycle through weapon classes. So e.g. if you have more than one pistol, pressing 1 will cycle through them
    • Using a controller, X cycles through weapon classes, and Y cycles through the weapons in the class


  • FIXED: The character can sometimes end up not holding a weapon i.e. empty hands after spamming weapons equip key
  • FIXED: Using HAIS from station to planet sometimes crashes the client
  • FIXED: Minor scene related fixes and tweaks (e.g. collision mesh on nuclear plant was broken)
  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes and tweaks

Build (GA) | 16-05-27


  • Tweaks to mouse flight controls. Also pressing SHIFT while moving the mouse L/R, does yaw, instead of roll
  • Revised the camera handling when using wingsuit/wingchute. Now allows more freedom of view/movement.
  • Added final updated/new females character animations
  • Added revised launcher weapons (LR12, HORNET, GLE22) so they fit correctly with revised female model animations
  • Added first past scene entities with new level of detail meshes. This is part of our performance related updates.
  • Added FX to Automated Transport System beacons in the Arkangel, Vanguard, Starguard scenes. NOTE: The ATS is currently disabled until the revision is complete.
  • Revised the color scheme for the launch pad and station/carrier docking bays so they are all consistent
  • Can now use dash (-) and underscore (_) characters in character names
  • Minor revisions to the world events FAQ
  • Minor revisions to the in-game and online docs.
  • Keyboard command revisions.
    • T (switch seats UI toggle). Was SHIFT+S
    • F7 (target filter). NOTE: Feature NYI
    • F8 (target/map icon/info toggle). Was SPACEBAR/CTRL+SPACEBAR
  • Added the space scene population count and status to deployment screen.

    The reason that the space scenes are handled differently in this screen is because you can’t start the game then spawn into a space scene like you can into a planetary base or station/carrier. So using the same type of icons/status for them, would convey incorrect info, and prevent access to the scene. Since each of the 13 scenes (ground x4, space x4, station x4, carrier x1) runs separately, if a space scene is off-line, the only issue would be that you can’t launch or jump to it from a station, carrier, or from the planet below. The world was designed this way specifically for redundancy and isolation reasons.

  • Minor revisions to viewing camera. Can also now use keyboard to control orbit camera: arrow keys up/down/left/right, [ and ] to zoom, HOME reset view. Press + hold CTRL still gives quick access to the orbit camera.

    – F1 to cycle fp / orbit cam. use mouse to look
    – MMB press + mouse to temporarily enable orbit cam. use mouse to look
    – F1 to cycle 3D cockpit / virtual cockpit / orbit cam
    – MMB press + mouse to temporarily enable orbit cam. use mouse to look
    – F1 to cycle virtual cockpit / orbit cam. use mouse to look
    – MMB press + mouse to temporarily enable orbit cam. use mouse to look


  • FIXED: The weapon UI (lower-right) will sometimes disappear. Can be restored by going to orbit camera and back
  • FIXED: If you were in run state prior to taking leg injury, the run audio is played instead of walk
  • FIXED: The engine FX on some craft (SC490 shuttle) was still active though landed
  • FIXED: Crash occurs if player finishes loading into a scene if other clients were firing weapons at the same time
  • FIXED: Minor scene fixes and tweaks e.g. relocated a PMP in the Vanguard docking bay, fixed the ARC console textures etc
  • FIXED: Server lags spikes during server asset loading
  • FIXED: Issues with server-client hit detection reconciliation. Was difficult to hit a client that is in motion
  • FIXED: If you holster a weapon, then try to equip it again, it won’t equip
  • FIXED: Players unable to switch seats while in space craft
  • FIXED: Aircraft seating chart UI had deprecated info
  • FIXED: Pressing ESC with switch-seat UI active, then pressing it again, loses mouse context in UI, requiring F2 to re-activate mouse context
  • FIXED: Some minor UI fixes/tweaks
  • FIXED: Some space scene jumpgate connections were incorrect e.g. you couldn’t go to Zilon from Lyrius
  • FIXED: Weapons appeared to be firing in the wrong direction when viewing a third person character. The animations have also been revised to address this issue.
  • FIXED: The PWP and PSP were dispensing incorrect item counts
  • FIXED: Remote client aircraft engine thrust FX sometimes not rendered
  • FIXED: Setting anti-aliasing in options was not sticky; would reset across sessions
  • FIXED: An issue in the player stats UI screen (when ESC is pressed), and also the deployment scene select screen
  • FIXED: Various issues with swimming or when immersed in water bodies
  • FIXED: Jetpacking over large water bodies near a bridge (e.g. on Gulge) can cause the jetpack to report incorrect altitude
  • FIXED: Sync issues (flight, landing etc) when using the wingchute
  • FIXED: Server crashes when rocket is deactivated while destroying a weapon
  • FIXED: Client crashes when recording injury location from projectile damage
  • FIXED: Some audio at the Heatwave mining facility were at the wrong location

Build (GA) | 16-04-02


  • Player location icon (Yellow) is now consistent in all map views
  • Minor revisions to game docs quick help. Also added new sections to pages 2-3


  • FIXED: Selecting open terrain as drop location with the HAIS-MK2 could put player under the terrain
  • FIXED: Deployment screen was showing incorrect client count in some scenes
  • FIXED: Supply pack description in “Use” dialog was truncated in some cases
  • FIXED: Minor UI tweaks

Build (GA) | 16-04-01


  • The current character class is now displayed in the infantry UI
  • Minor revisions to game docs


  • FIXED: Switching aircraft seats can sometimes cause a crash
  • FIXED: Firing and hitting someone with an HID no longer warped them to the detention hold
  • FIXED: An issue with looting PWP if you holstered your weapon before looting it
  • FIXED: An issue with target scene crashes when launching space craft into a space scene
  • FIXED: Performance issues in space scenes e.g. Sygan
  • FIXED: And issue with requisitioning (at a supply platform) then launching space craft into some space scenes
  • FIXED: Character can sometimes get removed from the ship after launching into space scene
  • FIXED: It was possible for the HAIS-MK2 suit to get stuck on the player if the transit failed
  • FIXED: Issue with some weapon (A9MAG, KLMP, Wristlaser) ammo clip reloading
  • FIXED: Issue with Blackghost radar info showing Warmonger as the name
  • FIXED: The new aircraft speeds are not updated in the supply platform requisition screen
  • FIXED: If two interactive objects (e.g. dropped weapon near supply platform, jump gate or DJP) are near each other, the use (F) option context is lost
  • FIXED: Some deprecated key bindings are still in the keyboard/mouse options UI
  • FIXED: Minor scene fixes and tweaks e.g. ARC model shadow casting, issues at the Heatwave mining facility etc
  • FIXED: Minor fixes/tweaks

Build | 16-03-25


  • On-going work in the character creation/selection UI
  • Minor revisions to game docs
  • Added additional easily accessible supply platforms to stations and carrier. Also fixed some supply stations on Starguard being inside geometry
  • Added a new MISC tab in game options. You can now reverse the throttle position, as well as disable the joystick throttle entirely
  • Added updated female character models and animations. Some fixes to weapon holding required
  • Implemented final speeds (m/s) for all aircraft. Compared to previous game world sizes, some were too fast for the smaller LOD game world
    AURORA 600 315 fighters
    CORSAIR 600 325
    INTERCEPTOR MK1 650 350
    INTERCEPTOR MK2 675 375
    MANTIS 590 300
    RAVEN 750 450
    STARDRONE 650 350
    STARLANCE 575 300
    STARMONK 725 275
    VANDAL 710 400
    ZENSTAR 720 425
    ZODIAC 715 250
    K19XZ 350 135  shuttles
    SC490 400 145
    AGGRESSOR 225 160  gunships
    BLACKGHOST 575 155
    INTERDICTOR 615 170
    INTRUDER 150 160
    PHANTOM 200 165
    RAPIER 200 175
    SHADOW 175 150


  • FIXED: Selecting any character slot other than the first one would still use the first one. Also ends up with incorrect character models
  • FIXED: Various issues with camera controller which could result in crashes in some cases
  • FIXED: Issues (inverted thrust) with throttle on some joysticks (e.g. X52)
  • FIXED: Cockpits on some aircraft (e.g. Raven) rendered incorrectly (Black). Should look like the Corsair (which is correct)
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue in which keyboard thrust controls (W/D) don’t work correctly if a joystick was plugged in. The aircraft/vehicle throttle is now percentage (instead of acceleration) based. So it’s now possible to set 50% thrust
  • FIXED: Aircraft guns were running out of ammo regardless of stores. Also playing the “clip empty” audio when this happens, and alternating between guns
  • FIXED: The cockpit dynamic weapons crosshair can get misaligned, causing the shots to fire straight ahead instead of at the crosshair position
  • FIXED: Gun shots from aircraft sometimes not appearing to come from the position of the guns, due to the camera angle
  • FIXED: The player client name was not always displayed above the character
  • FIXED: Spawning as pilot in some gunship (e.g. Shadow), sets the camera pov at the incorrect location
  • FIXED: Spawning a gunship can sometimes crash the server
  • FIXED: An issue with the Wristlaser showing as firing continuously when viewed by other clients
  • FIXED: Sometimes the ESC or T keys won’t activate due to a conflict with the Tactical Info Pad. Also, if there are no inventory items, the T key will no longer attempt to display the UI. A message will be displayed in the chat dialog.
  • FIXED: The engine thrust contrails were still active when a craft was landed (not moving) or destroyed
  • FIXED: Some tweaks to the craft landing profile on the planet
  • FIXED: Launching aircraft in space sometimes (depending on the bay) has the craft flying toward, instead of away from, the docking bay
  • FIXED: Various crash fixes previously reported

Build | 16-03-14



  • Minor revisions to supply platform dialog


  • FIXED: Additional fixes to address throttle issues on some joysticks (e.g. X52)
  • FIXED: Various fixes to weapon systems on air/space craft
  • FIXED: Fixes to fighter launches from Lennen, Zilon, Sygan stations
  • FIXED: Various crash fixes previously reported

Build | 16-03-12



  • Added the new themed game launcher
  • Enabled the /set_fov console command in chat box. Values are 40-120. Infantry default is 70. Aircraft/Vehicle default is 90. We have not yet made fov 70 the default for aircraft due to on-going work on the new cockpits. However, 70 is the correct setting and which solves the issue of skewed perspective (e.g. planets looking oval instead of round) in space. It will cause minor visual issues with the older 3D cockpit on the Aurora however. NOTE: THIS IS 100% UNSUPPORTED.


  • FIXED: In infantry mode, using the orbit (CTRL) camera removed the mini-map and weapons UI
  • FIXED: The docking volumes on Templar station were causing launched aircraft to collide with the station
  • FIXED: Unable to launch from Templar station into Sygan region due to the IP pointing to an off-line server (replaced)
  • FIXED: Minor crash when spawning into Heatwave

Build | 16-03-11



  • Added the new slim-lined jetpack (MK1, MK2) models
  • Extensive updates to space scene lighting, object scaling etc. You can also now see the light emitting from the star in the region. It’s getting there. More graphics work planned for the space regions.
  • Reduced the main map (M) scroll speed in stations/carrier
  • Revised the fall animation altitude from 5-50m (jump-mid) and 51-200m (fall-high). It looked weird when the fall-high (arms outspread) was being played when jumping from 20m or less
  • Added QUICK HELP link to the main menu. Was previously only available in the launcher
  • Minor revisions to the in-game and online quick help and full docs. You can now also update your Steam docs (accessed via the START menu) by downloading the installer from the online docs page above.


  • FIXED: Hitting an aircraft with an HID dart would cause a crash. Yeah, this is hilarious
  • FIXED: When transiting from scene to scene, a crash could occur. e.g. if a message is received when the chat box is closed, player exits while flying an aircraft
  • FIXED: If you single-click in the T-Shaft selection screen, the mouse loses context because the UI expects a double-click. You have to press F2 to bring it back into context
  • FIXED: Some issues with HAIS-MK2 suits in the Starguard and Arkangel airlocks. NOTE: The airlock is on a trigger mechanism. So if you don’t exit before it closes, pressing H to activate the suit and jump, won’t do anything. You have to exit the hallway, then come back for the trigger to open again. It’s like an automatic door.
  • FIXED: Flight control (WSAD) issues (sluggish, unresponsive) with wingsuit and HAIS
  • FIXED: VTOL contrails in craft still active in FTOL flight. Also active when a craft was destroyed
  • FIXED: Some scene related fixes (floating objects, objects with missing collision meshes etc)
  • FIXED: It was possible for the player to transit to a scene server that was offline. Now a message is displayed if the target scene is either offline or full (256 client limit)
  • FIXED: Entering a planetary jump gate puts the craft within collision volume of the jump gate structure
  • FIXED: The AA setting in game options/video was not saved across sessions
  • FIXED: Repeatedly selecting/loading aircraft at the supply platform can cause a crash
  • FIXED: Crashing into some types of space scene objects will sometimes cause a crash
  • FIXED: In some instances, while flying the Aurora aircraft, some action keys (e.g. throttle) stop working
  • FIXED: The orbit camera (CTRL) key is conflicting with hyperjump (CTRL+W) preventing a jump
  • FIXED: Spawning the Shadow gunship would sometimes cause a crash
  • FIXED: Targeting a hostile aircraft on radar would sometimes cause a crash
  • FIXED: Loss of input if running in a window and focus is lost
  • FIXED: Cycling fire modes on aircraft can sometimes cause as crash
  • FIXED: Fixed various joystick detection issues. Thrustmaster Hotas.4, Saitek X52 etc. NOTE: The throttle on some are still not recognized in the game
  • FIXED: Various minor bug fixes; including some UI (e.g. in joystick mapping) cleanup work

Build | 16-02-26



  • People keep trying to play the game in the 3rd person camera view, resulting in various unintended consequences. So like we did with the infantry, we’ve now restricted that camera mode to being purely an orbit/observer camera. It has also been removed from the F1 key cycle. Controls:

    Press and hold CTRL, MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON or JOYSTICK BUTTON 4, and use HAT A to orbit
    MOUSEWHEEL or [, ] to zoom in/out

    XBOX Controller:
    MOUSEWHEEL or [, ] to zoom in/out

    MOUSEWHEEL or [, ] to zoom in/out

  • Either the 3D (for craft that have them) or virtual camera is now set on launch. Previously the orbit camera was used
  • Joystick hat switch now also switches the virtual cockpit views (L/R/U/D) as it does the 3D cockpit (e.g. in Aurora fighter)
  • Enabled mouse flight controls. Experimental. Move mouse left/right to roll; forward/back to pitch up/down
  • Removed the temporary supply pack beacons. They are now tracked (Yellow boxes) in the mini-map and main map (which also shows their names)
  • Minor revisions to GUI interfaces and user responses for interactive world objects such as T-Shaft, DJP, Jumpgate. Should be easier to interact with now.
  • Minor revisions to game quick help and commands. Also updated the docs for printing.
  • Chat commands (e.g. /whereami, /clr) now work in all three chat channels. Also added chat commands to online FAQ.
  • Improvement to the craft laser shots
  • Various lighting (e.g. revised Starguard tone mapping) improvements and fixes (floating objects, misplaced entities etc) to various scenes
  • Various tweaks to flight dynamics engine


  • FIXED: Game intro music does not turn off when disabled. Must quit and restart game
  • FIXED: Some aircraft GUI elements visible when switching to full screen map
  • FIXED: Pressing a weapon select key when no weapon available in slot, would holster current weapon
  • FIXED: Sometimes attempting to land an aircraft on the ground will result in it being destroyed
  • FIXED: Fast fighters (e.g. Vandal fighter) capable of flying faster than laser shots fired
  • FIXED: The VTOL thrusters in aircraft (e.g. Interceptor MK2) which had them, was still on though in FTOL flight mode
  • FIXED: You can use the D key to fly backwards in an aircraft. This should only be possible in VTOL mode
  • FIXED: Some aircraft weapons fire attributes were incorrect. e.g. the guns firing rate on the Mantis is very slow and impractical; the Rapier gunship missile launch speed is incorrect etc
  • FIXED: Some issues with remapping XBox One controller and joysticks
  • FIXED: The incorrect character animation was used during wingchute flight
  • FIXED: Minor scene revisions (lighting, tone mapping etc) and fixes (floating objects, misplaced entities etc)
  • FIXED: Holding the aircraft roll key and pressing the auto-level key caused the aircraft to stop rolling
  • FIXED: Local and remote player animations lose sync after crashing an occupied aircraft
  • FIXED: Various issues with craft passenger viewpoints
  • FIXED: Various bug fixes (some crash bugs), tweaks and improvements
  • FIXED: An issue with the chat interface which caused the scene transition (e.g. planet to space) to fail (
  • FIXED: An issue where the mouse pitch/roll was not disabled if a dialog was active (

Build | 16-02-19



  • All aircraft (fighter x12, gunship x7, shuttle x2) have now been unlocked for creation and use. If you’ve seen some of the videos from the early dev stages, now you get to experience it yourself.

    NOTE: All characteristics (flight dynamics (yaw, pitch, roll rates, physics etc), weapons, yoke sensitivity etc are all subject to on-going tweaks. The audio (engine, weapons fire etc) are all placeholders which are subject to replacement with final versions.

    Asset lock and the CTC requirement are disabled.

    All aircraft allow a max number of occupants. For example some fighters (e.g. Corsair) are two-seaters, while gunships and shuttles have a number of occupants as high as 17 (SC490 shuttle).

    To enter a craft, just approach it, point toward the seat icon and press F.

    Once inside, you can switch seats using ALT+S.

    Press F to exit. On the planet, you can eject at any time. But if you do this at high altitude, and without a jetpack or wingsuit, you will die the minute you land on the ground.

    All aircraft require a pilot. If the pilot is killed or ejects, then any passenger can also switch to the pilot seat using ALT+S.


    Aircraft can be requisitioned (see shot) using any supply platform. These are located in a station/carrier docking bay and on the planet inside buildings, the ARC and near launch pads. As soon as you make your selection, you will be relocated in the aircraft, ready to fly.


    TAK tier accounts can requisition any type of air/space craft.

    Starter Kit accounts get a randomly selected air/space craft during any session (login/logout/login, the selection changes). e.g. 1 fighter, 1 gunship, 1 shuttle.

    You can currently only create one active craft at a time. Once created, you are free to fly within the scene or use a jumpgate to travel to another. Refer to the world map for info on how the world is divided and linked via jumpgate nodes.

    Any created aircraft, regardless of condition, left unoccupied in the scene, will automatically self-destruct after a period of time (currently set to 5 mins).

    Any player can currently enter and use an aircraft left on the planet. In a later update, in addition to asset lock feature, the pilot will have the ability to lock (preventing players from entering) the aircraft as well as the ability to eject (at any time) passengers.


    NOTE: The flight dynamics modeling is always subject to review, tweaks and revisions as things progress. The goal is not to match the fidelity of our previous flight engines. This is a totally different kind of game, that uses a totally different engine. If you want fidelity, go play any of our previous games, e.g. Angle Of Attack.

    All aircraft support both VTOL (C, V) and FTOL (W,S,A,D) dynamics. You are required to use VTOL when taking off on the planet.

    The flight control scheme supports keyboard, joystick and the Xbox 360/One controllers. Other than skill, there are no advantages or disadvantages in using either control scheme. Refer to the keyboard commands for more info.

    You can fly around, land/dock, exit the craft, go anywhere you like, then return to it later. For example, you could create a fighter on the planet, move to space, dock at a station, move around the station, DJP to another station or planet, return to the station and be able to re-enter your craft. Similarly, you could create a craft at a station, fly around in space, jump to the planet below, land, exit, do stuff, return to the aircraft.

    In space, you can also use hyperspace to jump to certain distant targets (jumpgate, orbital defense system, station, carrier, space craft, ship hulks). First select the target in the mini-map, then press CTRL+W to initiate the jump. The min jump range is 450m and the max jump range is 20km.

    All aircraft have different flight dynamics, properties, weapons, capabilities etc. They also have advanced radar, defense and weapon systems.

    Fighters are multi-role (can transition between space and planetary regions) and effective for space and planetary combat using a myriad of ATS (Air-To-Surface), ATA (Air-To-Air) and STS (Space-To-Space) missiles.

    Gunships are used for suppressing planetary enemy air and ground defenses, engaging enemy ground troops, as well as inserting and extracting infantry into combat zones.

    Shuttles are multi-role and used for inserting and extracting infantry into combat zones. For example you can take a team of infantry off a planet, land at a station in space and they all disembark into the station. They have weapon systems purely for defense.

    The hull, armor and shield modeling are active. They cannot be upgraded. If shields are depleted, armor starts to take damage. Once the armor is breached and the craft hull starts to take damage, the aircraft will eventually be destroyed. When that happens, everyone inside it will most likely die.

    Occupants of a craft taking weapons fire with breached armor and shields, will also sustain injury to their body armor, then their health (Life Factor). It is possible to die while taking damage inside an aircraft.

    NOTE: Though all assets (aircraft, vehicles etc) in the game require Energy Cells for power, for testing purposes this requirement is currently disabled.


    • Top-Left: chat
    • Top-Right: craft seating chart. This shows all the occupants of the various seats in the aircraft. You can mouse-over to reveal a tooltip with the person’s name.
      The currently selected target image is also displayed under the craft seating chart image. Mode 2/3 only.
    • Bottom-Right: aircraft info (armor, shield, cloak), weapon info (gun, missile, ammo), energy level. Mode 2/3 only.
    • Bottom-Left: Radar mini-map. Mode 2/3 only.
    • Center HUD area:
      center............pitch ladder + center-line crosshair
      top right.........current target + range
                        weapon type + status
      right.............air speed
    • When a target is selected in the mini-map, the Target Reference Indicator (TRI) will appear as a Yellow marker showing which direction to turn in order to see the target in your forward field of view.


    The cockpit views can be toggled with F1. If an aircraft (currently only the Aurora has it implemented) has a 3D (mode1) cockpit already implemented, then it will be the default; otherwise mode2 is the default.

    To remove all HUD info, press F3

    mode1.......3D cockpit
    mode2.......Virtual cockpit
    mode3.......3rd person orbital camera

    If cockpit mode1 is active, there are two MFDs through which five screens can be cycled and displayed using (left) and +(right) MFDs. When cycling a mode, a caret depicting the left (<) and right (>) MFD shows which mode each MFD currently displays.

    • mode1: radar mini-map
    • mode2: weapons cluster (armor/shield/cloak/power/jammer/weapons)
    • mode3: dynamics instrument cluster (flight info)
    • mode4: image of current target with range + health info
    • mode5: seating chart

    During night and low light conditions SHIFT+N can be used to toggle two (Green or Red) night vision modes.


    All weapon (guns, missiles) systems are active and simple to understand and use. Use your controller buttons to fire guns and launch missiles. You can also use LEFT mouse button to fire guns, and RIGHT mouse button to launch missiles.

    • Target selection is done from the mini-map using . (next) , (previous) ; (closest).
      Note that the select closest target command gives priority to the closest target which last launched a missile at you.
    • Guns are standard point and shoot. The closer you are to a target, the more damage the shots will do. The mounted gun on an aircraft has unique attributes including firing rate and damage attributes. You cannot change the mounted gun or ammo type in an aircraft.
    • There are various missiles (see the ordnance tab of the assets dB) depending on the environment. For example, you cannot launch Air-To-Air missiles in space. And Air-To-Ground missiles cannot lock on aircraft targets.
    • All missiles have various flight dynamics, radar and damage attributes. For example, an ATA-Magellan has a quick target lock time, and does more damage than an ATA-Cluster.
    • Missiles can fire with or without a valid lock. Without a lock, they just fly straight ahead and self-destruct when their timer elapses
    • Once a missile is armed, the Missile Tracking Designator (MTD) diamond will appear in the HUD and move around. Select a target, and the Target Tracking Designator (TTD) box will appear. Turn toward the target so that the MTD can locate and overlap it. As soon as the target falls within the launch parameters of the radar system, the MTD will flash Yellow and beep. You will also get a message from Mother, the aircraft’s on-board computer. That is your cue to launch the missile. Missiles are all fire and forget. So once launched, you can immediately select another target.
    • If a missile is locked on your aircraft, you will be alerted by Mother. You can use the aircraft jammer (CTRL+J) to jam the missile. The jammers are only active for 2 mins at a time; and cannot be used for another 2 mins after that. When in use, static is displayed in the aircraft HUD. The jammers are also ineffective at range greater than 600m. They are most effective at ranges less than 30m. The more evasive maneuvers you perform with the jammers active, the more chance you have of effectively jamming the missile.
      In an upcoming update, infantry will be able to use a Target Designator Unit to “paint” targets for missile strikes by aircraft and infantry.


    You can dock to repair, arm and power an air/space craft at a planetary launch pad or at a station or carrier.


    Fly as close as possible to a launch pad (they are illuminated Purple). Then press and hold F to repair/arm/power the craft. For as long as the key is held, the craft’s hull/armor/shield/weapons will be replenished to max based on the length of time. If you exit the area or release this key, the operation will cease.


    Fly as close as possible to the station or carrier and the docking bay area will be activated (Green). Then follow the same procedure as above to repair/rearm/power.

    If you wish to exit the craft and enter the station/carrier as infantry, single press F to dock. When you return to the craft later, the hull/armor/shield/weapons will be replenished to max.

    NOTE: For testing purposes, you can also repair/arm/power by jumping from one scene (space or planet) to another using a jumpgate.

    In a later update, it will be possible to change the missile loadout, as well as manually repair and power air/space craft and vehicles out in the field using a Portable Repair Unit.

  • The Supply Platforms have been activated with the ability to requisition aircraft (fighter, gunship, shuttle) depending on scene (planet, station or carrier). The CTC requirement is disabled. They are located on the planet (near launch pads and at the ARC) and station/carrier (in the docking bay).Only TAK accounts can requisition aircraft using any supply platform.

    Starter Kit accounts can only requisition aircraft at the planetary ARC site where several supply platforms are located.

    Press F to activate the supply station. Then choose the aircraft to create from the list. Once created, press the LAUNCH option to be immediately transported to the pilot seat. You can then take off when ready.

    For multi-seat aircraft, player A must first create the craft, select the pilot seat, then wait for any passengers wishing to join the aircraft. Those passengers then use the same supply platform and select JOIN to locate any aircraft available to join. They can then select a seat. If player A selects LAUNCH, before passengers can join, then the craft will launch and will no longer be available for joining. On the planet, the pilot can land and give passengers the opportunity to get on board.

  • Station and carrier docking has been activated with the ability to also requisition aircraft (fighters, shuttles). The CTC requirement is disabled.

    Fly as close as possible. When the docking bay is illuminated (Green) and activated, press F to dock.

    The aircraft will be moved (not visible to players outside in space) to a secure docking bay. All occupants are moved to the inside docking bay of the station/carrier.

    To return to your craft at a later time, go to the supply station in the docking bay and use the LAUNCH option.

    Passengers also need to use the supply platform. There they will see the list of docked crafts. If they disembarked from the same aircraft as you, your aircraft will be highlighted in the list. This allows grouped players to determine which of the currently docked craft they want to return to.

  • Jumpgates have been activated, allowing aircraft to move between space and planetary scenes.No, there is no seamless spaceplanetary transition. This has been explained before in this blog post.

    Fly as close as possible and when activated press F for the scene destination menu.

  • Several revisions to the mini-map functionality:
    • Default zoom level has been revised. It is now x16 on planets, and x64 inside stations/carrier
    • Now only displays planetary terrain topology at x64 zoom scale setting
    • Now has built-in radar capabilities, thus allowing target selection using . (next) , (previous) ; (closest) and x (cancel)
    • Tracks missiles (not rockets) in flight. These are White (box) icons in the map
    • Tracks friendlies (Green) and hostiles (Red) if infantry (diamond), or in an aircraft (filled triangle), vehicle/defense/naval (triangle) asset
    • No longer tracks aircraft, vehicles, defense systems, naval units unless occupied by a player

  • Improved the Wristlaser particle beam effect
  • Added a particle FX to the Dynamic Jump Pad model
  • Extensive lighting (e.g. added volumetric lights to lamp posts) and tone mapping tweaks in all scenes (space, planet, stations, carrier).

    NOTE: that the daynight cycle (a full cycle takes 3.2hrs of real-time) on the planet is still undergoing tweaks so that there is some ambient light at the darkest of night.

  • Replaced existing space scene (Lyrius, Lennen, Sygan, Zilon) skyboxes with all-new higher quality versions
  • Replaced existing planetary scene (Heatwave, Frostbite, Gulge, Nightbridge) terrain textures with higher quality versions.
  • Added the new world map image based on new space scenes
  • Replaced male character models with higher quality versions to match the newer female character models.

    Insurgent Commander
    Insurgent Heavy
    Insurgent Infantry
    Insurgent Sniper
    Military Assault Force Marine (added in Build | 15-10-23)
    Military Elite Force Marine
    Military Elite Force Pilot
    Military Mobile Infantry Marine

  • Updated loading screens to reflect improved space and planetary scenes
  • The current time (24hr clock) on the planetary zone is now displayed in the deployment menu
  • The Automated Shuttle System (ATS) has been temporarily disabled
  • Increased the amount of time required for the HAIS-MK2 to reach the ground before it self-destructs. A warning is also now displayed when 20 secs left to self-destruct. The shorter time to ground timer was the cause of the previously reported “premature death”
  • Optimized how looting supply packs works. Should alleviate some of the delay; especially with the Personal Weapons Pack.

    Instead of picking up all items after holding the pickup key for a period, items are now evenly distributed over the length of time that it takes to get max items. In other words, if you are going to take 10 items in 10 seconds, you would get one item every second. If the operation is interrupted, then you walk away with whatever you’ve already taken up to that point.

  • Minor chat box tweaks for better readability
  • The detention hold terminal tooltips now indicate which alliance can use it.
  • Minor revisions to game quick help and commands. Also updated the docs for printing. NOTE: The in-game docs have not been updated for this build. The quick help has everything you need to get started. We also created a new quick start FAQ entry.


  • FIXED: Player would sometimes take injury when firing a rocket or throwing a grenade. NOTE: This used to occur in some rare circumstances and it’s related to physics. We think it’s fixed now; but if it happens when firing rockets or throwing grenades, please open a support ticket and let us know.
  • FIXED: Adjusted the launch location of rockets fired from rocket launchers
  • FIXED: Revised how the weapon firing works to reduce the initial delay when first fired. Note that repeat (fire key pressed) fire has a delay for all weapons.
  • FIXED: It was still possible to use the orbit camera (CTRL key or Middle Mouse Button) to play infantry in third-person perspective. This has been disabled (still enabled in dev builds) again. This is an orbit camera only. So you can press either the key or the mouse button to activate it, then use the mouse to look around and mousewheel to zoom in/out.
  • FIXED: Some issues with animation states (mostly in female characters) which resulted in incorrect weapon poses (seen in third person). NOTE: More animation fixes are in progress as a result of the new character models and animations.
  • FIXED: Airlocks in Vanguard, Overwatch, Templar were active, though they provided no access (they orbit different planets) to the Lyrius planet.
  • FIXED: Various issues with the HAIS-MK2.
    • The location selection in the HAIS-MK2 orbital drop map was incorrect in some scenes (e.g. Nightbridge)
    • Some issues with the planetfall descent mode
    • Completely re-wrote the flight dynamics and handling
    • Some issues with the Long Distance Traversal Module (LDTM). NOTE: This mode is automatically enabled after the ground to altitude arc on ground activation, during the descent phase, and immediately after space->ground transition. More info.
  • FIXED: The lights on the planetary scene light poles were constantly on.
  • FIXED: Various issues with player movement/swimming in deep water bodies.


    • When you enter deep (your feet not touching the bottom) water, you can move as normal or swim.
    • To get to the seabed, hold V until you touch the bottom. Then being to walk (movement is slower than on land) as normal.
    • To get off the seabed, press SPACEBAR to jump and begin automatically floating to the surface.
    • To leave the water from the surface, jetpack or move/swim towards a shoreline.
  • FIXED: Issues with third-person animations (e.g. weapon holding, idle) on female characters (Elite Force Pilot, Insurgent Sniper)
  • FIXED: Pressing F2 twice, results in an empty quick access inventory UI. Also when using F3 (clean screen)
  • FIXED: Players spawning into scene are sometimes visible (also in mini-map), though still at the loading screen
  • FIXED: Sped up the run animation during sprint
  • FIXED: Minor issues with first person infantry camera
  • FIXED: Jetpack sound stops playing after dying and re-spawning
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue with changing to some screen resolution
  • FIXED: Smoke particles overwrite muzzle flash effects
  • FIXED: Extensive scene revisions (lighting, tone mapping etc) and fixes (floating objects, misplaced entities etc)
  • FIXED: Various key binding issues NOTE: If you find some keys don’t work after you update, just reset your key bindings from within the game options screen.
  • FIXED: Various bug fixes and tweaks.

Build | 15-12-04



  • Added a Quick Access Inventory UI. Press 9 to activate it. Press the key again or ESC to exit.

    This is a radial menu system containing up 8 items. Later it will be possible to add items to it using the main inventory screen.

    The currently selected weapon is highlighted, and a lit button next to an inventory item shows that it is currently enabled.

    Hovering the mouse (F2 to enable) over an item in the QAI displays info about it.

  • Finalized the operational state of all inventory items.

    active = item must be equipped to use. can only be used when is the current item selected

    passive = item must be equipped to use. remains in use even when not the current item selected

    PortableBreathingUnit  - passive
    PortableCloakingUnit   - passive
    PortableImageEnhancer  - active
    PortableMedicalUnit    - active
    PortableMotionSensor   - active
    PortableRepairUnit     - active
    PortableSensorJammer   - passive
    PortableShieldUnit     - passive
    PortableTeleportUnit   - active
    RemoteAccessPad        - active
    TacticalInfoPad        - active
    TacticalWarningSystem  - active
    TargetDesignatorUnit   - active
    WaypointDesignatorUnit - active
  • The Personal Shield Unit (PSU) is no longer automatically enabled and active on start, respawn etc. It has to be manually selected from inventory.
  • Revised the in-game menu GUI. Previously some people mistook the EXIT button as exiting (you can do that with ESC btw) the menu, when in fact it quit the game completely. Now both options are clear.
  • Minor revisions to lighting cast by light posts in planetary scenes


  • FIXED: During an HAIS-MK2 drop from station to planet, after loading the planet, the music track was being played while the new one was also playing.

Build | 15-11-25



  • Unlocked inventory item: Portable Cloaking Unit

    Select from inventory using 9 key.

    Renders person partially invisible for up to 3 mins at a time. Movement speed affects visibility in that the faster you are moving, the more visible you become.

    Can still be seen by someone with a Tactical Warning System or BIO-VIEW implant.

    Regens at 0.50 units per second.

  • Unlocked inventory item: Portable Image Enhancer

    Select from inventory using 9 key. Use Q to cycle modes.

    Advanced optics viewing device with various modes and features.

    • Zoom modes up to x32 (mouse-wheel to zoom)
    • Infra-Green NV optics
    • Infra-Red NV options
    • AQHeat thermal vision optics
    • Tactical Warning System plug-in (ability to see cloaked entities)
  • Minor gameplay revisions based on gamer feedback
    • Changed mini-map default zoom from x8 to x16. Note that you can zoom the map using [ and ]
    • You can now use ADS (Aim Down Sight) in walk or crouch walk. Any speed increase will cancel it. Also slight weapon inaccuracy when moving with ADS active.
    • Reduced the sprint speed from x15 of run speed, to x4. e.g. previously the AFM character which runs at 9 m/s when light, could sprint at 135 m/s
    • The “Always Run” command is now sticky. The state is now also saved in the config file so that it is preserved across game sessions
  • Updated various weapon ammo attributes
  • Minor revisions to game commands


  • FIXED: Some items, including weapons, didn’t always sync correctly in player hands
  • FIXED: The Portable Supply Pack in Arkangel and Templar stations only dispensed one item
  • FIXED: Issues with character cloaking shader
  • FIXED: Issues with rapid-fire weapons (e.g. TL22 rifle) unable to reload after clip emptied
  • FIXED: Various DX11 related bugs such as incorrectly rendered weapons and scene elements, scene lighting etc
  • FIXED: Looting a PSP would sometimes cause a crash when running the DX11 build

Build | 15-10-30



  • Added unlocked Throwing Knives. These are the last set of personal weapons. Yay!

    Thrown knives cause damage to players when hit. After a hit, they drop to the ground and can be picked up.

    To use, equip the knife, then press the fire button once to enter throw mode which takes 15s. To throw, release the fire button when ready.

    The knife range is around 50m.

  • Added light pulse effect to muzzle flash, shot tracers, rocket/missile contrails, aircraft contrails. These light up the environment when active
  • Added color variation to Portable Supply Pack (Green), Portable Weapon Pack (Yellow), Portable Medical Pack (Red) beacons to tell them apart. The beacons are now also always persistent; only pulsing when new items are added to them.
  • Added current scene name to mini-map GUI interface.
  • Added account restriction/benefit info to Starter Kit and Tactical Advancement Kit FAQ entries.
  • Minor revisions to game docs.
  • Setup public access to a Dev Staging Server (DSS) for downloading and running internal dev builds. More details coming soon.


  • FIXED: The spawn hint windows on Starguard can be seen through walls
  • FIXED: The scene crashes when leaving a proxy grenade active and exiting the game
  • FIXED: Sniper rifles don’t display a muzzle flash when fired
  • FIXED: The game doc (F5) does not always display in game when display is above 16,384px

Build | 15-10-23



This build has several New User Experience tweaks we made in order to make things a bit easier for new players. This is particularly important due to the impending release of aircraft and vehicles in the upcoming major builds. As things move along to the game’s final release next year, more NUE tweaks will be made.

  • Added mouse-over tooltip support to full scene map (M) Point-Of-Interest (POI) icons showing what each icon is/does
  • Added new scene selection icon for Starter Kit accounts. This makes it obvious why you can only select the Starguard scene if you have this kit
  • Added a highlight animation to the scene selection GUI
  • Added client count to the scene selection screen GUI. You can now tell how many players are in each scene
  • Added flashpoint icon to scenes with the highest number of players
  • Added ping (Healthy, Okay, Slow) and client number to the server selection GUI
  • Changed POI object name and coloring to match its status e.g. Green is online and Grey is offline
  • Changed the default infantry movement to walk by default. Also BACKSPACE is now a run/walk toggle
  • Added the new FG45 rifle model. This shows the quality of the new weapons
  • Added the new Assault Force Marine model. This shows the quality of the new character models
  • Added supply platforms to the Arkangel station
  • Completely revised the Nucstar nuclear mine detonation FX. Looks and performs way better than previous version
  • Converted DJP triggering method to make it easier to use
  • Added collision meshes to HAIS-MK2 suits in scene (Arkangel, Starguard) airlocks. NOTE: Since only these two scenes have access to the planet below, they are the only ones with airlock equipped with HAIS-MK2 suits.
  • Updated in-game commands and the on-line game docs


  • FIXED: Grenade throwing animations do not match between first person and third person models
  • FIXED: The Starguard spawn hints aren’t displaying in the Insurgent starting rooms
  • FIXED: Fired rockets sometimes fall to the ground when launch, instead of being propelled forward
  • FIXED: Players sometimes playing the walk animation when standing still
  • FIXED: The server would sometimes crash when rockets, mines or grenades detonate. This resulted in being unable to connect to the server hosting the scene (e.g. Heatwave)

Build | 15-10-13



  • Added unlocked Remote Access Pad

    This inventory item has several uses. However in this release only the remote mine trigger functionality is enabled.

  • Added unlocked mines (Leech, Limpet, Nucstar) to Portable Weapon Pack.
  • Added unlocked rocket launchers (HORNET, KLMP, LR12) to spawned Portable Weapon Pack. Check the assets dB for all weapons and items in the game.

    These rocket launchers have multiple fire modes (see assets dB) and attributes:

    • Standard: No target lock or tracking. Flies straight ahead. Rocket will detonate when it hits something, or self-destruct when its timer runs out.
    • Locked: Press + hold the right mouse button. Point at target. Wait for target lock beep. Then fire. The launched rocket will auto-track the target until either it detonates on impact, or self-destructs when its timer runs out.

    See the 15-07-31 State of Play blog for notes on the current feature unlock plan/schedule.

  • Added help commands (F4, F5, F6) tip to character select screen
  • Added new in-game Quick Help (F6).
  • Updated in-game commands. Also updated the on-line game docs)
    • Added missing melee commands: F, SHIFT+F
    • Added in-game Quick Help command: F6
  • Updated Steam game docs installer. Go to Start/Programs/3000AD/Line Of Defense Docs and uninstall the current version. Then see support KB52 for steps to install the latest version.
  • Updated online game docs.
  • Updated Automated Transport Shuttle usage in the FAQ.
  • Latest (15-09-04) State Of Play blog.


  • FIXED: several geometry and scene issues on Nightbridge & Gulge

    Still going through these. If you see any, please use the /whereami chat command and send in a support ticket with the info

  • FIXED: Starguard decks are visible from airlock views.
  • FIXED: Issues with controlling the HAIS-MK2 suit after ejecting from an airlock and attempting to control flight when within the planet
  • FIXED: Client sometimes crashes when transitioning to holster stance while initiating freefall
  • FIXED: Respawn and Pickup timers are displaying incorrect numbers in some scenes (e.g. Arkangel, Starguard)
  • FIXED: Bullet decals aren’t displaying in the proper location on some scene objects (e.g. EWR on Nightbridge)
  • FIXED: Melee without a weapon is still playing the weapon melee anim
  • FIXED: The HAIS landing position map was displayed partially off screen

Build | 15-09-11



  • The TAK L1 tier now has the FG45 assault rifle instead of the M117, as per the original design.
  • The server select screen now also shows the server you are currently connected to. This was done due to people not realizing that they connect to the server cluster 01 by default when joining the game.

    NOTE: When you start and join the game, you are automatically connected to server cluster 01. There is usually no need to switch servers, unless you think that you will get better performance on another one, or if you want to join friends on that server.

  • The server error codes are now displayed in the game GUI. In the event of a problem connecting to the server, spawning in the wrong scene etc, these codes will help us troubleshoot the problem.
  • Added the ranks (x24) to the decorations section of the online assets dB
  • The Starter Kit and Tactical Advancement Kit FAQ pages have been updated. Also now show benefits and restrictions.
  • Latest (15-09-04) State Of Play blog.


  • FIXED: GUI issues at some resolutions and 21:9 aspect ratios. e.g. 3840×2160, 2560×1080, 3440×1440, 5120×2160.

    NOTE: Though the game runs at 4K res, it’s not officially supported at this time. So if it doesn’t work as expected, you’re on your own. Remember that you can force any resolution you want by editing the game’s config file if you choose. See this KB article for more info.

  • FIXED: Clients sometimes returning to main menu when trying to connect. This was due to issues related to switching to server cluster 02 from the default cluster 01.
  • FIXED: The client sometimes crashes when starting on Starguard, using a DJP to a planetary scene (e.g. Heatwave), then going back immediately.

Build | 15-09-04



  • Due to popular request, and due to the fact that we’re not going to do an open public Beta, we have unlocked the base Starter Kit so that it can be purchased ($9.99) for those who want Early Access to the game without buying a Tactical Advancement Kit tier. These keys are permanent, which means that regardless of whether or not the final game is F2P, you will have access to the game from now until final release. You can still buy a TAK tier at any time, and you will still retain the items in the Starter Kit.


  • FIXED: several geometry and scene issues on Heatwave

    Still going through these. If you see any, please use the /whereami chat command and send in a support ticket with the info

  • FIXED: Some issues with mormal maps. Everything (especially on the terrain) should look better now
  • FIXED: Chat input is limited to 3 or more characters
  • FIXED: When using the HAIS MK2, you can still fire your weapon while in-flight

Build | 15-08-21


  • More adjustments to attachment points to align weapons and effects with the crosshairs
  • Added a dynamic hint system. Going forward, we’re going to be using these to give players some tips at various parts of the game. You know, for those of you who don’t like reading manuals. 🙂


  • FIXED: Several fixes to the Mining Facility in Heatwave
  • FIXED: Some issues in scenes Heatwave and Nightbridge
  • FIXED: Minor issue with Early Access (Commander, Ambassador, Emissary) accounts sometimes not being correctly detected

Build | 15-08-17


  • Nothing to see here. Move along.


  • FIXED: We think we’ve nailed this issue with players (with Starter Kit accounts) sometimes starting in the wrong scene. If it pops up again, we’ll head once more into the breach
  • FIXED: TAK tier accounts sometimes not being correctly detected. This resulted in players having the default F2P Starter Kit account
  • FIXED: Thanks to the submitted crash reports, we were able to fix several crash bugs in this build. Great job guys!!
  • FIXED: Some issues with water masses in Nightbridge

Build | 15-08-14


  • All non-square resolutions have now been disabled and filtered out. This resolves various UI issues. If you want to use a non-square resolution, feel free to do so. Here is how to do it; but it’s 100% unsupported.


  • FIXED: several geometry and scene issues in Starguard, Arkangel, Overwatch and also on Heatwave and Nightbridge

    Still going through these. If you see any, please use the /whereami chat command and send in a support ticket with the info

  • FIXED: Some UI alignment issues in the Main Menu
  • FIXED: Issues with weapon names in UI
  • FIXED: Tapping the sprint key while moving, increases fatigue without increasing speed
  • FIXED: Momentum while sprinting causes player to fly, slide, and have some trouble controlling the character
  • FIXED: Vertical camera movement is locked while sprinting
  • FIXED: Player character shadows appear to be incorrect

Build | 15-08-11


  • For testing purposes, we have relaxed the fatigue factor rules.

    The issue is that since we unlock all weapons and items, and haven’t enabled the restrictions on how many items can be carried, grabbing stuff from the packs (weapon, supply, medical), especially weapons which comes with ammo, increases your carry weight, which then affects movement speed and fatigue.

    We still allow the regular weight calculation, but simply reduced it to 25% of the total value. This gives a very good feel of some fatigue even at that maximum load, but not to the point where you’re constantly dealing with it. Sprinting from no fatigue to full fatigue takes about 15 seconds under a full load.

    In the final game, this will be a non-issue once we enable these item carry restrictions and players can manage inventory items. You’re not supposed to be running around with a truck-load of weapons of mass destruction anyway. 🙂


  • FIXED: Some minor SpeedTree issues on Heatwave which was causing incorrect trees in the scene
  • FIXED: Crash occurs if a controller (e.g. Xbox controller) was plugged while looting packs, changing scenes, or alt+tabbing between the game and another window.
  • FIXED: Alt keybind conflict message not always displayed when assigning an already mapped key
  • FIXED: Several fixes to Starguard carrier decks

    Fixed various seams in the geometry. Still going through these. If you see any, please use the /whereami chat command and send in a support ticket with the info

Build | 15-08-10


  • More adjustments to attachment points to align weapons and effects with the crosshairs
  • The current weapon name is now persistently displayed in the UI. Was previously removed once weapon was armed
  • Updated support link in game launcher
  • Moved the sprint and melee key listings in keybinding options to a different tab
  • Pressing the jump key while crouched or prone, now sets pose to stand
  • Pressing ENTER key now closes the chat interface when no text input is present
  • Can now reset (defaults) the input and other options (e.g. video) separately
  • Exposed additional video card AA options. We had new MSAA options exposed as well, but found some DX11 issues at the last minute. So those are disabled for now until we get those issues resolved in a later build.
  • In preparation for our next three big updates (NPC android world event, aircrafts unlock, vehicles unluck), we’ve added complimentary aircraft and vehicle specific CTC to the Tactical Advancement Tiers. These listed below are new. The CTC list is available in this FAQ entry.

    CTC: Ground Vehicle Training
    CTC: Ground Vehicle Proficiency
    CTC: Ground Vehicle Expertise
    CTC: MICE Class License
    CTC: Light Fighter Class License
    CTC: Medium Fighter Class License
    CTC: Heavy Fighter Class License
    CTC: Super Fighter Class License
    CTC: Class A Gunship License

    CTC: Ground Vehicle Expertise
    CTC: Heavy Fighter Class License

    CTC: Ground Vehicle Proficiency
    CTC: Medium Fighter Class License

    TAK LI
    CTC: Ground Vehicle Training
    CTC: Light Fighter Class License


  • FIXED: Fatigue audio continues to play even after returning to menu
  • FIXED: Pressing the sprint key while not moving causes fatigue gain
  • FIXED: Fatigue was also being applied when using jetpack and wingsuit/wingchute as a result of the above bug
  • FIXED: Multiple copies of a weapon can be dropped by pressing the drop key repeatedly
  • FIXED: Mouse input is not automatically returned to the game when you ALT-TAB back after losing focus
  • FIXED: Standard keybind conflict message not always displayed when assigning an already mapped key. NOTE: The ALT keybindings tab still doesn’t report conflicts.
  • FIXED: Players can jump while switching stance out of prone/crouch; thus bypassing the animation/transition
  • FIXED: Crash sometimes occurs when quitting game and returning to main menu
  • FIXED: Several fixes to Starguard carrier decks
    • Fixed various seams in the geometry. Still going through these. If you see any, please use the /whereami chat command and send in a support ticket with the info
    • Added missing airlock locations on deck 1 & 2
    • Schematics for deck 1 & 2 were inverted in the in-game map
  • FIXED: An entitlement issue caused free Starter Kit accounts upgraded to TAK tier to not have access to all TAK features and items
  • FIXED: Some minor UI tweaks and fixes
  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes and tweaks (on-going)

Build | 15-08-04


  • Updated SpeedTree middleware
  • Implemented new and more reliable bug tracking software. Now if/when the game crashes, the information sent (you have to allow it to send) to us will hopefully provide more detailed information which we can then use to track down and fix such issues. More info is in support KB article #70
  • Added additional safeguards and checks to catch rare instances whereby a Starter Kit account starting in one scene, ends up being deployed in another. This results in the client being located in an incorrect position (e.g. under the terrain) in the incorrect scene.
  • Updated several FAQ pages:

    System Requirements, Player Housing, Supported Players

  • Updated several asset dB entries:

    GCV-Starguard, Arkangel, Overwatch, Templar, Vanguard


  • FIXED: Crash bug with DX11 + Windows 10. If you are running Windows 10, please read this – now.
  • FIXED: Crash bug when you are sent to the Starguard detention hold after being hit with an HID dart
  • FIXED: Medkits aren’t being removed correctly after use and when holding a weapon
  • FIXED: The TKR9 dart gun missing when looting the Portable Weapons Pack
  • FIXED: The smoke grenade does not disperse correctly in some indoor (e.g. Starguard carrier) areas
  • FIXED: Since the latest Heatwave starbase scene optimizations, some of the NPC androids were slightly sunk into the terrain
  • FIXED: Some load time optimizations
  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes and tweaks (on-going)

Build | 15-07-31



  • FIXED: Central structure in Heatwave starbase was sunken into the terrain
  • FIXED: Using the HAIS-MK2 from an airlock (station or carrier) caused the client to crash
  • FIXED: Remotely fired projectiles & grenades sometimes go in the wrong direction
  • FIXED: Revised the scene loading display screen
  • FIXED: Player with Starter Kit did not equip jetpacks when looted from Portable Supply Pack
  • FIXED: Player with Starker Kit would sometimes cause a crash when looting a Portable Supply Pack
  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes and tweaks (on-going)

Build | 15-07-17


  • Added unlocked Laser Marker attachment

    Projects a beam to the current target, at a range of up to 1500m. Also increases the accuracy of the shots fired by 30%

  • Added unlocked Target Designator attachment

    Allows players to designate a target location at a range of up to 1500m, for various types of actions. For example, to indicate where an airstrike or heavy artillery are needed, where there is heavy enemy concentration, where a sniper has been spotted etc.

    • only one target can be designated per player at any one time. It decays (and disappears) after five mins; after which another can be designated
    • target designators are scene local. So if you are in Heatwave, you don’t get any info about the ones in Frostbite
    • once created, the target will immediately be selected for you, and a pulsing hex icon (or directional indicator when turned away from it) will appear in the HUD. Other players can select the designator as their target using the existing targeting (, . ;) commands
    • once created, other players in the faction receive a message that a new target was set. The distance and compass direction will also appear in the chat window
    • on the main map, the target will have both the standard marker as well as a larger target circle around it (to make designated targets more visible)
    • infantry, vehicles and aircraft cannot be designated. Only scene objects (e.g. buildings), arbitrary locations (e.g. to indicate a landing zone) etc
    • targets are colored based on who created them:

      Red        : Your created target
      Purple     : Fireteam created target
      Gray/Silver: Faction target
  • Added unlocked laser marker (assault rifle, pistol) and target designator attachments (assault rifle, pistol) to spawned Portable Weapon Pack. Check the assets dB for all weapons and items in the game.
  • You can now select either attachment 1 (upper weapon section) or 2 (lower weapon section) using the or = keys. You can still use the ALT key to access attachment UI as before.
  • Minor update to page 1 of the game commands related to attachment mappings
  • Minor updates to pages 2, 8, 10-14, 23-24 of the game docs


  • FIXED: The links to the game docs in the launcher were incorrect
  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes and tweaks (on-going)

Build | 15-06-26


  • Added unlocked Shot Tracer attachment

    Illuminates fired shots, showing their path to target

  • Added unlocked shot tracer attachment (machine gun, assault rifle, pistol) to spawned Portable Weapon Pack. Check the assets dB for all weapons and items in the game.
  • Added a character silhouette (shot1, shot2) to the infantry HUD showing where (arms, legs, torso) localized (e.g. you get shot in the arm) body damage has occurred. It is also color coded (Green: 0-15, Yellow: 16-29, Red: 30+) to show the amount of injury. This will only be shown if you have no shield or armor, and your body takes direct damage from weapons fire, explosions, environmental (e.g. falling) damage etc. Note that head shots are still 100% lethal, and armor and shields offer no protection.
  • Added ability to sprint (CTRL + W) in short movement bursts. It is currently set to 15x the run speed and ties directly into your Fatigue Factor, and increases it rapidly.

    Between 0% and 90% fatigue, you can sprint for 20 seconds (scaled by total carrying weight) before reaching 90% Fatigue Factor. The FF bar in the HUD will flash when this exceeds 90%

  • Minor update to page 1 of the game commands related to sprint


  • FIXED: Wristlaser decals decay almost instantly on some objects
  • FIXED: The entire ARC structure vanishes when facing south from certain locations
  • FIXED: The attachment interface can be opened with the Wristlaser equipped
  • FIXED: The shot tracer does not always display whenever the weapon is fired
  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes and tweaks (on-going)

Build | 15-06-05


  • FIXED: The UI seating chart is shared across multiple ATS units in the same scene
  • FIXED: You can use the Wingsuit during HAIS flight under certain conditions
  • FIXED: Machine guns (5 key) were in the same weapon slot as assault rifles (2 key)
  • FIXED: Shot sounds are muffled when using a scope
  • FIXED: Some issues with Energy Lance dealing damage based on energy charge
  • FIXED: In some cases, the player character shadows didn’t correctly match the 1st and 3rd person models

Build | 15-06-01


  • FIXED: The Automated Transport System on the planet (the space ones are fine) appears to be broken in the latest build
  • FIXED: A crash would occur if you opened the game map while riding an ATS shuttle

Build | 15-05-29


  • Revised blood spurt particles which emit when player hit by weapons fire with no armor
  • Sparks (armor) & blood (no armor) particles now emitted when character hit by weapon
  • Revised craft MFD functionality for all pilot and driver seat positions. Replaced legacy cockpits with holographic displays.

    To see this, just get in an ATS shuttle in one of the seats up front. Will be able to see these same displays when vehicles and aircraft are unlocked for testing.


  • FIXED: Issues with bullet decals appearing on player model
  • FIXED: Various issues with HAIS MK2 is not functioning correctly when traveling from station to planet
  • FIXED: Crashes when a player kills another player in Arkangel station
  • FIXED: There was a green foreign object floating in Arkangel station
  • FIXED: The Wristlaser bounces on the 3rd person model when running
  • FIXED: Energy Lance does full damage even with with no energy
  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes and tweaks

Build | 15-05-26


  • Added unlocked A9MAG machine gun, wristlaser, Energy Lance to spawned Portable Weapon Pack. Check the assets dB for all weapons and items in the game.


  • FIXED: The A9MAG machine gun barrel was not spinning when firing
  • FIXED: Loaded ammo counter shows 000 instead of a full clip after emptying a clip and reloading
  • FIXED: ADS depth of field doesn’t always put the crosshair location in focus
  • FIXED: Shot impact particles are multicolored in Heatwave
  • FIXED: Muzzle flashes aren’t always staying attached to the gun barrel if firing while moving
  • FIXED: Decals do not appear on walls inside some buildings
  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes and tweaks

Build | 15-05-08


  • Added unlocked machine guns (except the A9MAG) and shotguns to spawned Portable Weapon Pack. Check the assets dB for all weapons and items in the game.


  • FIXED: Some attachment alignment issues
  • FIXED: Some night optics attachment lighting issues
  • FIXED: Some scope attachment interface issues
  • FIXED: Some attachment menu interface issues
  • FIXED: The ESC menu highlight is sticking on the Main Menu option
  • FIXED: Weapon attachments aren’t always shown remotely on assault or sniper rifles
  • FIXED: The client crashes when opening the attachment window with an attachment already equipped
  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes and tweaks

Build | 15-05-01


  • Added ALT key command support for activating weapon attachments
  • Added unlocked Silencer attachment

    Suppresses the sound of weapons fire

  • Added unlocked Night Optics attachment

    Adds flashlight capabilities to the weapon

  • Added unlocked silencer (pistol, assault rifle) and night optics attachments (pistol, assault rifle) to spawned Portable Weapon Pack. Check the assets dB for all weapons and items in the game.
  • Added friendly display names for all items displayed in chat window e.g. “1x ZOOM_SCOPE4” now shows “1x ZOOM SCOPE 4”
  • Revised Advanced Quantum Heat (AQHEAT) vision effect used in some weapon attachments. This btw, is a heat sensor.
  • Implemented depth of field used with Aim Down Scope (ADS) mode
  • Revised the standard weapon attachment zoom UI


  • FIXED: Shields are not displaying when hit on tiered accounts
  • FIXED: Players are not always taking damage when shot
  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes and tweaks

Build | 15-04-24


  • Both High Altitude Insertion Suits (MK1, MK2) have been unlocked for testing.

    The MK1 can be found in spawned Portable Supply Packs. The MK2 can be found hanging on an airlock wall in the Arkangel station and GCV-Starguard carrier.

    If you have a paid tier (Early Access or TAK), the MK2 is already in your inventory for testing.

    Other players with the F2P Starter Kit can obtain a MK1 from a Portable Supply Pack or a MK2 from the Arkangel or GCV-Starguard airlock room.

    You can only have one type of each in your inventory.

    In case you didn’t see these when we released them a few months back, here are two test flight videos (01, 02) showing the MK1 in action.

    How to use an HAIS MK1 or MK2

  • Added unlocked standard and night vision zoom scope attachments

    These zoom scopes go up to x16 depending on the weapon. Also some have night vision and AQHeat (heat sensor) capabilities. Here are some screen shots of these effects. More coming in next version updates. To see which scopes go with which weapons (pistol, assault rifle, sniper rifle), please check the assets db

  • Added unlocked zoom scopes (pistol, assault rifle, sniper rifle) attachments to spawned Portable Weapon Pack. Check the assets dB for all weapons and items in the game.
  • Added Portable Supply Packs to the game world and included unlocked items such as jetpack, wingsuit/wingchute and HAIS units. Also added armor and Personal Shield Unit. Other inventory items will be added as they are unlocked for wide testing.

  • Minor revisions to “pack” loot drops. Please don’t forget to read up on how these loot drops work, as we’ve had some inquires about them.
  • Revised shuttle (SC490, K19XZ) cockpit models. This is on-going as we experiment with the shuttle ones for now.


  • FIXED: Issues with collisions when player in prone pose
  • FIXED: On a planet, when a player with a Personal Shield Unit is hit, the character turns White after the shield FX played
  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes and tweaks

Build | 15-04-10


  • Lighting revisions to shuttle 3D cockpits. This is on-going
  • Minor scene revisions e.g. added light shafts in various areas
  • Character movement speeds are now class related and weight dependent
  • Minor game docs update

    Look in the Steam’s game install folder e.g.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\LineOfDefense

    There you will see LOD_steam_shortcuts.exe

    Please run that file to do a silent install of the docs and other resources

    You can then locate this folder in Start/3000AD/Line Of Defense Docs


  • FIXED: Minor bug fixes and tweaks

Build | 15-04-03


  • Yeah, nuthin’ to see here. At all.


  • FIXED: Hit detect indicator does not display when shooting someone from a distance
  • FIXED: The Account Details screen displays on every login for TAK LI and LII accounts
  • FIXED: Fullscreen client resolution issues on 4:3 displays. More info in this support KB article.

Build | 15-03-27


  • Deployment has been revised.

    If you have a Tactical Advancement Kit, you will be able to select any of the valid deployment locations, otherwise you will only be able to deploy aboard the GCV-Starguard carrier.

    If deploying aboard the GCV-Starguard, TER/MIL deploy in the Commander’s Quarters & Officers Quarters, and TER/INS deploy in Guest Quarters. These locations are located on deck 1 of the carrier. From there, you can use a Dynamic Jump Pad to proceed to other parts of the game world.

  • Revised the timing of crouch & prone animations in order to add slight transition delay
  • Revised the 3D cockpit lighting in aircraft. Still not quite there yet; so this is on-going.
  • Removed all stand-alone test items spawned in all scenes. Only packs are now used. Portable Medical Pack (MedKits only), Portable Weapon Pack (weapons, ammo). The Portable Supply Pack (energy cells, implants, medkits) is coming soon. So if you are looking for a TKR9 and Hostile Incarceration Darts, look in the PWP as they are no longer spawned separately for testing.
  • Revised the ice shader used in Frostbite and added new ice chunks and glaciers that use it.
  • Added a small terminal inside the GCV-Starguard detention cell. Once activated, it will later be used by players with “Advanced Programming Spec II” Combat Training Cert (CTC) to hack those terminals faster (7 secs) than players without.
  • Added in-game music from our stock music library.
  • Revised the OPTIONS tab in the game launcher. Also added music playback controls.
  • Increased (doubled) mouse sensitivity percentage range maximum from 1.5x to 3x in game OPTIONS.
  • Added /online console command which shows the number of people logged into the current server.
  • The launcher is now set to use the game’s default min recommended resolution of 1280×720 (720p).
  • The launcher now has a link to the online changelog
  • The leaderboards are now displayed in the ESCAPE screen UI
  • Session faction kills are now displayed in the ESCAPE screen UI
  • A button to the changelog has been added to the ESCAPE screen UI
  • Various updates to the website including updating and adding several FAQ entries. Also added online searchable versions of game docs and all in-game maps to the game’s info page.
  • Updated in-game docs to reflect recent command revisions and new functionality. The print versions have also been updated.
  • Temporarily reduced the detention hold incarceration time from 5 mins to 2 mins. Will review again after further testing as development progresses


  • FIXED: A test Nucstar nuclear mine was left in a scene, causing a catastrophic extinction level event when first spawning into a planetary base. This completely tanked the frame rate due to the numerous visual effects that it also prematurely triggered in the scene. NOTE: This problem was first spotted during the free play weekend test of 03/13/15 and was addressed in an out-of-band update the morning of 03/14/15
  • FIXED: Some spawns nodes were under the terrain causing players who were spawned from them to end up under the terrain
  • FIXED: Various scene objects (especially in Nightbridge) were at incorrect locations, and in some cases floating above the terrain
  • FIXED: Some issues with HID targets in GCV-Starguard carrier
  • FIXED: Starter Kits had incorrect weapon clips
  • FIXED: Jumping underwater with a weapon drawn causes player model rotation issues
  • FIXED: Camera issues with shallow water areas
  • FIXED: In some instances, the shield fx from the Personal Shield Unit were displaying incorrectly when taking damage
  • FIXED: Account Entitlements screen not showing correct TAK levels for accounts without Early Access tiers
  • FIXED: Game theme music was not being played. This stopped working couple of versions ago when we updated FMOD audio middleware, but nobody noticed
  • FIXED: Character is not displayed correctly on character select after returning to the main menu from in-game
  • FIXED: Returning to main menu will sometimes cause a crash
  • FIXED: Cannot walk backwards while using ADS aiming
  • FIXED: When incarcerated, remote players see and hear you firing your weapon
  • FIXED: Detention terminal hacking issues
  • FIXED: Boarding an ATS with a weapon drawn causes the player to sit in weapon drawn pose
  • FIXED: Exiting an ATS causes movement and camera control issues
  • FIXED: Disembarking from an ATS sometimes teleports you back to where you boarded
  • FIXED: The weapon crosshair is displayed when riding in the ATS
  • FIXED: ATS beacon timer text displays in front of some menus (e.g. options, escape)
  • FIXED: Players weren’t taking weapons fire damage if standing on top of the station ATS beacons
  • FIXED: Auto equipped weapons were sometimes not damaging players on initial scene load
  • FIXED: The server and client were not showing the player in the same animation state thus causing hit detection issues
  • FIXED: Various spurious crashes

Build | 15-03-13


  • Unlocked Starter Kits for F2P mode. Each faction has a specific set of items. This can only be upgraded by purchasing an Early Access tier during the Early Access period or a Tactical Advancement Kit tier when the final game is released.

    [Terran/Military – Soldier Enlistment Kit]

    – SP911 pistol
    – M117 rifle
    – MAG_P1 x3
    – MAG_AR1 x3
    – MEDKIT25 x1
    – CTC: Basic Weapons Proficiency
    – CTC: Light Weapons Training

    [Terran/Insurgent – Battle Survival Gear]

    – M310 pistol
    – XN32 rifle
    – MAG_P3 x2
    – MAG_AR2 x2
    – MAG_AR4 x2
    – MEDKIT25 x1
    – CTC: Basic Weapons Training
    – CTC: Light Weapons Proficiency

  • Unlocked TKR9 weapon which fires Hostile Incarceration Darts (HID).
    You can find these weapons at various spawn points on planetary bases and inside stations/carrier.

  • Unlocked inventory item: Portable Shield Unit.

    Glows, Blue, Yellow, Red when someone is hit, depending on the current charge level

  • Added restrictions for gear kit templates. See https://lodgame.com/store/

    Early Access tiers (Ambassador, Commander, Emissary)

    Full access to everything as we release/unlock them, regardless of entitlement.
    Tactical Advancement Kit

    Access to items contained in the TAK as we release/unlock them.
    Starter Kit

    Access to only items contained in the Starter Kit.

  • Added highlight and loadout name support to Loadouts panel(s)
  • Implemented dynamic weapon crosshair
  • Unlocked Hostile Incarceration gameplay mode. See Supported Gameplay Types

    When someone is hit with an HID fired from a TKR9 weapon, they are immediately transported to the Detention Hold aboard the GCV-Starguard where they remain until the five mins timer expires or someone hacks (press + hold F until hacking complete) into the terminal in the hallway to disable the Detention Hold forcefield.


  • FIXED: Issues with water in Nightbridge canals

Build | 15-03-04


  • The lodgame.com website now has links to server status & leaderboards
  • Added audio colliders in various indoor scenes to mask audio where needed
  • Player can now die from environmental damage. e.g. falling from high altitude. Armor or shield offers no protection
  • Increased player fall speed to better simulate terminal velocity effects


  • FIXED: Some issues with the leaderboard values. Also no longer show 0 values
  • FIXED: Sometimes the dying animation plays in slow motion
  • FIXED: The glass on the Implant Augmentation Chamber had no collision body
  • FIXED: Looting a weapon equips one that is currently in your inventory
  • FIXED: Duplicate entries in the respawn screen leaderboard
  • FIXED: DX11: The map and minimap doesn’t display most terrain or structures
  • FIXED: Remote player gunfire sounds like clicking from a distance
  • FIXED: DX11: All scenes are displaying far too dark
  • FIXED: DX11: Loading screens are sometimes showing graphical corruption
  • FIXED: The jetpack sound occasionally stops playing after dying/respawning
  • FIXED: The Lyrius ATS starts having choppy movement after riding it for several minutes
  • FIXED: Energy shots eventually stop displaying in the client for all players
  • FIXED: Medkits are held differently for all characters in 1st person view
  • FIXED: Nightbridge canals had no collision. Final fixes coming in next version
  • FIXED: Energy shots / alt fire ejects shell casings when fired
  • FIXED: Kneeling death animation plays too fast for all characters
  • FIXED: Character remains in aiming pose when falling horizontally
  • FIXED: Crosshair isn’t hidden when falling horizontally
  • FIXED: Dropped items sometimes cause a crash
  • FIXED: Jetpacking off a ledge and wingsuiting makes the player model invisible
  • FIXED: Wingchute and jetpack fall speeds aren’t slowed
  • FIXED: Jumping up and down at high altitude causes damage

Build | 15-02-25

  • Infantry combat and weapons unlocked: assault rifles, pistols, combat knives, melee (hands, feet)

    Other weapon class unlocks coming in subsequent combat phase builds as per our focus testing schedule. For full weapon/items complement, please refer to the online asset dB at https://lodgame.com

  • For testing purposes, random items are given at spawn. These include:

    x1 primary weapon
    x1 secondary weapon
    x1 primary weapon attachment
    x1 secondary weapon attachment
    x8 ammo clips for primary weapon
    x8 ammo clips for secondary weapon

  • Location based damage implemented.

    Headshots are 100% lethal regardless of body armor, though shields (which you don’t yet have, lol!!) offers some protection.

    Specific body part (legs, arms) location damage, along with impairment, coming in next build

  • Body armor protects from combat injury

    If body armor is breached/depleted, you will take injury thus affecting your FF and LF

  • Life Factor (LF) is now tracked (0-100). Low is bad.
    • 50% or less: all movement speeds impaired
    • 25% or less: screen starts to fade. All movement speeds further impaired
    • 15% or less: immobile and can only be healed or dragged. LF slowly depletes over time, leading to death unless healed using MedKits
  • Fatigue Factor (FF) is now tracked (0-100). High is bad.
    • Affects all movement. e.g. the more you run, the higher the FF which will then limit your movement (walk, run, swim, jetpack etc) speed.
    • Increased based on carried weight
    • Limit movement in order to lower the FF
  • Player stats (LF, FF) regen over time depending on movement (idle, moving)

  • Combat Experience Points (CEP) tracked
    • kills (ranged and melee)
    • critical kill (headshot)
    • multi-kill (grenades, mines)
  • Can pickup/drop (F) weapons and ammo

  • Can select desired loadout from deployment screen

  • Can select already equipped loadout to be pre-selected by default on the redeployment screen

  • Can use MedKit to heal (increase LF to 100, decrease FF to 0). Press 9 to equip item, then fire button to use.

  • Can use (F) spawned Portable Weapon Pack to obtain weapons and ammo. Press & hold key to obtain full ammo and some spares mags.

  • Can use (F) spawned Portable Medical Pack to obtain MedKits. Press & hold key to heal (increase LF, decrease FF) and to also obtain spare MedKits depending on inventory space.

  • Can now use a wingsuit/wingchute while jetpacking

  • Can no longer do any combat actions in third person view. Can still use middle mouse button and left control to orbit around the character in third person

  • The 32-Bit DX9 client has now been deprecated and removed. Only 64-Bit clients now supported

  • Added new ATS routes in Gulge, Nightbridge, Frostbite and all space scenes

  • Added leaderboards ( https://lodgame.com/leaderboards ) which shows various stats for top 30 players.

    An in-game version (accessible from Escape menu) coming in next build.


  • FIXED: Remote player minimap positional icons only display when close to other players
  • FIXED: The main map can zoom out too far in all planetary scenes
  • FIXED: The prone transition animation is not correct in 3rd person when going prone with a weapon out
  • FIXED: Part of the Heatwave loading screen can be seen in the main menu when in low resolutions
  • FIXED: Collision issues with Frostbite icebergs
  • FIXED: Some issues with Speedtree foliage brightness and collisions

Build | 14-12-31


  • Added Invert Mouse Option
  • Added mouse sensitivity setting to options screen
  • Revised fog distance and color on planetary scenes
  • Revised map entity color coding scheme


    • Green : Friendly player client
    • Red : Hostile player client
    • Yellow : Defense systems
    • Blue : Key Buildings, Terminals, Supply Platform, Implant Augmentation Chamber
    • Grey : Damaged unit, unit under repair
    • Purple : Jumpgate, Dynamic Jump Pad, Docking Bay/Point, T-Shaft
    • White : Assets (vehicles, aircraft, naval)


    • hexagon : Defense systems (not deployables!)
    • box : Key Buildings (13 types), stations, starbases
    • circle : Dynamic Jump Pad, Jumpgate
    • circle : (Red border, White center, Red slash) damaged unit (for the 3 types above plotted on map)
    • circle : (Green border, White center, Green wrench) unit under repair


    • circle : Jumpgate, Dynamic Jump Pad, Docking Bay/Point, T-Shaft
    • square : Key Buildings, Terminals, Supply Platform, Implant Augmentation Chamber
    • diamond : Player clients

Build | 14-12-17


  • Added ATS route on Gulge with an SC490 shuttle
  • Added player seat locations in asset HUD. Green (vacant), Red (occupied). Use F2 to toggle the mouse. Then mouseover a seat to see the name of the person in.
  • Added ATS shuttle waypoint distance in HUD
  • Revised the lighting in all space scenes
  • Disabled cloud rendering in the large in-game map


  • FIXED: Some issues with player swimming
  • FIXED: While swimming, pushing a remote player can lead to position desync

Build | 14-12-10


  • Added ATS route on Heatwave with a K19XZ shuttle
  • Added flares to the SC490 lighting
  • Added ATS description in the game manual (p14)
  • The ATS launchpads are now identified ATS-LAUNCHPAD on the in-game map


  • FIXED: Issues with light volume self-shadow flickering
  • FIXED: flares are not rendering
  • FIXED: The fog distance was automatically set too low in Gulge due to a recent engine update

Build | 14-12-05


  • Various internal tweaks and fixes
  • Completed and enabled the Automated Transport System (ATS). More here: https://lodgame.com/faqs/ats/
  • Added ATS route on Heatwave with an SC490 shuttle
  • Added ATS route in Lyrius with an SC490 shuttle


  • FIXED: Various on-going scene issues
  • FIXED: Canal water in Nightbridge vanishes/flickers depending on distance and viewing angle
  • FIXED: The canal water plane in Nightbridge moves out of the canal when moving the camera

Build | 14-11-06


  • The TEMPLAR station has now been unlocked and is accessible in the public build


  • FIXED: Various on-going scene issues
  • FIXED: Client crashes when logging in after dropping weapons in the game
  • FIXED: Weapons are not held correctly when equipped in online mode
  • FIXED: Camera does not adjust height when using crouch and prone

Build | 14-10-29


  • The VANGUARD station has now been unlocked and is accessible in the public build
  • Added a client restart message to the water quality options in Config


  • FIXED: Various on-going scene issues
  • FIXED: Specific water bodies are not acting like water volumes
  • FIXED: Energy Cell prefab item type set incorrectly

Build | 14-10-24


  • Middleware Engine Updates:

    – Updated Silverlining (sky, clouds, precipitation effects etc)
    – Updated Triton (water)

  • Set up deployment and DJP options for all four space regions
  • Several major Triton water rendering improvements & tweaks
  • Added water based config options (water quality, reflections)


  • FIXED: Various on-going scene issues
  • FIXED: road clipping (player sinking into terrain) issues in various roads
  • FIXED: Colorful artifacts are displaying on water surfaces at specific camera angles on Frostbite
  • FIXED: Water splashes occurring at random in some areas

Build | 14-10-22


  • The GULGE scene has now been unlocked and is accessible in the public build
  • Middleware Engine Updates:

    – Updated Iggy Game UI


  • FIXED: Various on-going scene issues
  • FIXED: Incorrect shader effect applied to various objects in multiple scenes
  • FIXED: Full screen shader effects were not working correctly in DX11

Build | 14-10-15


  • The OVERWATCH station has now been unlocked and is accessible in the public build
  • Removed “CEP” text label from mini-map UI
  • Revised tunnel models, textures and lighting in Heatwave


  • FIXED: various on-going scene issues
  • FIXED: various texture & lighting issues in the Heatwave tunnel system
  • FIXED: Issue with being unable to jetpack out of water in some instances
  • FIXED: In some instances, you could use prone and crouch stance while jetpacking and swimming
  • FIXED: Footstep decals on terrain (e.g. snow) weren’t working correctly in some cases
  • FIXED: Player can get stuck if entering a water body on Frostbite
  • FIXED: The jetpack cannot be started again after landing in some altitude related situations
  • FIXED: The detail normals shader does not function correctly in DX9 or DX11
  • FIXED: Various DX11 related rendering issues

Build | 14-10-09


  • The FROSTBITE scene has now been unlocked and is accessible in the public build
  • Revised jetpack speeds to match their settings. MK1/MK1B is 7m/s, MK2 is 10m/s
  • Revised jetpack UI. Energy tape (removed). Revised altimeter tape (left). Added velocity tape (right)
  • Improved lighting of mini and full screen maps
  • Removed ground level ladder from fuel tank since the game does not support them
  • Added naming convention warning text to the character creation screen
  • Adjusted how labels display in-game to make them more readable in all environments
  • Added DJP activation SFX / Particle FX


  • FIXED: various on-going scene issues
  • FIXED: Jumping in shallow water transitions to swimming and causes several issues
  • FIXED: The third person camera clips into geometry above it when the player’s head touches most ceilings
  • FIXED: Plugging in a controller or joystick stops primary mouse and keyboard bindings from working
  • FIXED: The xbox controller’s right thumb stick moves the camera very slowly
  • FIXED: SpeedTree lighting / shadow artifacts
  • FIXED: Player indicator sometimes not displayed in full screen map after moving from one scene to another

Build | 14-10-03


  • Middleware Engine Updates:

    – Updated Havok Vision (graphics engine)
    – Updated Havok Physics
    – Updated Havok AI
    – Updated Silverlining (sky, atmosphere etc)
    – Updated SpeedTreeRT


  • FIXED: various on-going scene issues
  • FIXED: SpeedTree handled trees have no collision
  • FIXED: Smoke isn’t being displayed when viewing it through the IAC glass
  • FIXED: The environmental blowing dust/snow effects are glowing at night

Build | 14-10-01


  • Minor revisions to game docs and commands
  • The ARKANGEL station has now been unlocked and is accessible in the public build
  • Added remaining player gesture animation poses (CTRL+6, CTRL+7, CTRL+8, CTRL+9). Try them out!
  • Revised some shaders for improved performance on double-sided entities (e.g. windows on Nightbridge buildings


  • FIXED: The client does not return to the character selection screen after attempting to use an invalid name to create a character, using a valid one and then clicking Create Character
  • FIXED: Some androids were above ground in Nightbridge
  • FIXED: The view is exceedingly dark under water.
  • FIXED: Loading default options while in a scene causes the client to stop responding (DX9 only)
  • FIXED: The client occasionally crashes when entering any water body (e.g. on Nightbridge)
  • FIXED: Swapping keybinds is not swapping key functionality as intended
  • FIXED: There are no icons on the mini map on login
  • FIXED: Some minor issues in Arkangel station

Build | 14-09-23


  • The NIGHTBRIDGE scene has now been unlocked and is accessible in the public build
  • Added support for capital letters in character names
  • Created and implemented a new character jump animation


  • FIXED: Various collision and other related issues in Heatwave scene
  • FIXED: Various issues in Nightbridge scene
  • FIXED: If you land in water and try to jetpack, terrible things will happen
  • FIXED: The jetpack doesn’t move with the player model during certain animations
  • FIXED: Camera pitch remains locked when landing in water with the wingsuit/wingchute
  • FIXED: The stance UI element does not update when swimming forward out of water
  • FIXED: The double-sided shaders need to be revised
  • FIXED: Add a collision box to the moving conveyor parts of the Mining Facility in Heatwave
  • FIXED: Revised and fixed misc geometry issues in all scenes
  • FIXED: Pressing the jetpack, punch or 0 key during wingsuit flight causes camera and display issues
  • FIXED: Pressing the kneel or prone keys during a jump causes the player to stick to the ground
  • FIXED: Issue with the Female Insurgent Sniper model when holding the wingchute handles

Build | 14-09-19


  • Implemented revised Vignette shader
  • Revised wingsuit and HAIS operational alerts
  • Added /loc command for use in chat box


  • FIXED: The Southern doorways of the two main hangers in Heatwave have invisible walls blocking them
  • FIXED: There are a number of balconies on the COMMS building which you can only walk on some parts (invisible wall type issue)
  • FIXED: Manually closing the wingchute causes sync issues while falling
  • FIXED: Changing a keybinding from the main menu locks the camera after logging in
  • FIXED: The player is lowered to the ground and stuck in place when hitting kneel or prone while jetpacking
  • FIXED: Jumping up a slope can cause the character animation to become stuck
  • FIXED: There were no icons on the mini map on login

Build | 14-09-15

1st public release via Steam Early Access

This is a staggered release in which every aspect of the game will be unlocked and tested on a schedule.

This first build features the Heatwave planetary starbase as well as the GCV-Starguard carrier in orbit around Lyrius planet.

No weapons. No inventory items. No vehicles. No aircraft. No combat.

This build – and the upcoming frequent updates – are for testing all the scenes (four planetary bases, four space regions, four stations, one carrier).

The jetpack and wingsuit/wingchute are enabled.

Please refer to the game manual for notes on how to get around the world.

For more info, go to: https://lodgame.com/faqs/what-is-early-access/


  • Added updated in-game manual
  • Added updated in-game commands
  • Raised the character name limit to 16 characters


  • FIXED: GUI: Clean up LoginWindow so that it is Steam-specific
  • FIXED: ADJ units with incorrect names on the map
  • FIXED: There are shader and blend mode issues with Starguard displays
  • FIXED: Character creation input field allows 32 characters instead of 13
  • FIXED: The options menu boxes are showing white text on white background
  • FIXED: Switching to full screen on an invalid adapter or mode will cause a client crash
  • FIXED: Setting game to Full Screen mode from login screen causes client to crash when launching again

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